How much is to get top position in APP Store?

Applications and Top of App Store

Obviously, you are to say a few parting words from the category captain “we make the best application i.e. the best in its kind, and blah blah blah.” Everyone wants to achieve such aim but only few succeed.

Therefore, if we ignore the “honest” ways of getting in the top (that happen to a few), the question is not already in the “how” to get there but how much it will cost. After all, if you are not invented anything that alone can blow up the market but break there are about 800 thousand applications like yours, is not an easy task.

Naturally, in this situation, there are many willing to help solve the challenge of achieving the desired “vizabiliti” derived “exposure” to continue the scenario: all are happy, and you bathe in organic installs, you struck a perennial stream users rushing to spend money for your application. And these services directly and indirectly hinting at these benefits, but not each can be trusted offering your applications. You can push your application to a certain condition so that it gets thrown out of App Store.
AppGratis is actively being growing in the market with good PR and «success story». Their Wake N Shake and Word of The Rings are mentioned in many promotional amongst respected web sites. But to come to the TOP you may in various ways, and the purchased traffic does not always mean quality traffic so often in such pushes the Top application is pumped incentivized installs. In this case we decided to find out more about what it represents the company, in what ways it pushes the application and how much it costs.

How are things done?

According to an interview given by the founder of Simon Dawlat, AppGratis earns more than $ 1 million a month and it does so in two ways:

  • The first and most important of them are partnerships with major brands on CPI. For example, combing applications for fitness Nike Plus to an offer of two-month subscription to the service.
  • The second way for smaller developers – get a share of their profits in exchange for a million or two users. According to the company, they get their share at the end of the week, which wasjust passing the main wave of installs, which comes from AppGratis plus organic installs by getting into the TOC. In some cases (when the earning potential for the target application is not large enough), the team paid $ 20,000 in advance for fichering itself (in other words, we will installs, and then you yourself, as it will).

In matters of scale and scope of the various markets, the application is quite well represented. To capture the features of the country such as USA, UK, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Brazil, Mexico.
Each installation in AppGratis cost an average for Europe around $ 1.8 to U.S. $ 3. By simple arithmetic we get that in order to reach into the most coveted Top Free in the U.S. will have to spend about $ 195,000 which is rather huge figure being for most indie developers overwhelming.

Options for start ups

But the question is not so much in the value of numbers, and the wisdom of spending data from the economic point of view. This approach has a place to be, if your application has a free IAPs, and you know its ARPU. This will count as a campaign budget and projected profit from it and find the break-even point, respectively, which allows to determine the feasibility of such investments.
Summary: that is not sufficient to get in the TOP but to stay in it also so installations for the application should continue every day to generate the necessary amount for the installs. But as practice shows, even quite well-known applications have resorted to constant infusions of traffic in order to support the application at the appropriate level vizabiliti. And that is basically it made sense to do (even for a short period of time), the application should have a fairly good ARPU.