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Airbnb sues San Francisco over registration policy

San Francisco (Reuters) - Airbnb sued the city of San Francisco on Monday, arguing that require hosts to a recent regulation to register with the c...


Airbnb sues San Francisco over registration policy

San Francisco (Reuters) – Airbnb sued the city of San Francisco on Monday, arguing that require hosts to a recent regulation to register with the city violates free speech rights of online home business operator

. A San Francisco law to come into force next month act requires companies like Airbnb to confirm that rents a valid registration issued by the city. The regulation would be on the company fines up to $ 1,000 per day for each violation.

Airbnb lawsuit demanding that the rule violated federal communications law and asking a judge to close. The law can not solve San Francisco housing crisis, the company in a blog post.

“This legislation ignores the reality that the system does not work and this new approach will harm thousands of everyday San Francisco residents who depend on Airbnb,” the company said.

Matt Dorsey, a spokesman for the office of the San Francisco city attorney, said nothing in the regulation punishment Airbnb for their content hosts. On the contrary, the statute that is intended to facilitate tax collection, he said

“In fact it is not user content regulation at all – it is the regulation of the activity of the hosting platform itself.” Say Dorsey in an e-mail. A

The case in US District Court, Northern District of California is Airbnb Inc. vs. City and County of San Francisco, 16-03615

(Reporting by Dan Levine;. Editing by Bernard Orr)

SolarCity recuses two more board members from voting on Tesla offer


SolarCity recuses two more board members from voting on Tesla offer

(Reuters) – Two additional directors Solar City Corp. with links to buy Elon Musk is recusing of making decisions regarding the supply Tesla Motors Inc’s in the solar business, in an effort to corporate governance concerns surrounding a to mitigate the possible transaction.

The new recusals means sit the majority of the solar city’s council from deciding whether obtained by Tesla.

Peter Rive, who is the nephew of Tesla’s CEO, and solar city chairman Musk, along with JB Straubel, chief technology officer and co-founder of Tesla, both recusing himself from the decision-solar city spokesman Jonathan Bass said in a statement by e-mail to Reuters late on Friday.

Musk, the largest shareholder in both companies, withdrew themselves before outside vote on the potential deal, along with Antonio Gracias which both companies are plates, and SolarCity Chief Executive Lyndon Rive, which Musk’s cousin and brother Peter Rive’s

There are three remaining solar city councilors. John Fisher and Nancy Pfund, both venture capitalists and Donald Kendall Jr., CEO of Kenmont, an investment management company.

“We are very aware of the need for a process that is independent, objective decisions that ensure the best interests of all shareholders,” says solar city’s Bass in the statement.

Tesla did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

solar city will will be a special independent committee of the board, independent counsel, said Bass.

“Only board members who meet will be the independence requirements involved in decision making in solar city,” he added.

Musk has described a tie-up between Tesla and Solar City as a “no brainer.” The company can sell customers an electric car, a house battery and a solar system all at once, he said.

But investors, including some that briefly put bets the block that shares will fall, reflects the conflict of interests and the risk of the union of two money losing companies to raise both money regularly to enlargement support.

Since Tesla his offer to buy solar city announced in a transaction worth $ 2800000000 Tuesday, analysts and investors are worried that the electric car company’s growth plan carries a financial burden and additional debt can not afford.

Solar City shares fell more than 50 percent of the year in a highly competitive market blows criticism that Tesla transaction was intended to save solar city.

(Sign by Liana B. Baker, editing by Peter Henderson and Tom Brown)

Senate votes down proposal to expand FBI surveillance powers


Senate votes down proposal to expand FBI surveillance powers

WASHINGTON (Reuters) -. The US Senate voted yesterday against a Republican-backed proposal to extend the Federal Bureau of Investigation secret surveillance powers to the mass shooting at an Orlando gay nightclub last week

The measure the Senate because rejection yesterday four measures that would restrict gun sales.

During Wednesday’s vote, Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell switched his vote to “no,” this week gives himself the opportunity to bring the level of treatment as quickly later.

The legislation will be the type of phone and Internet records may ask the FBI for companies such as Google unity of alphabet Inc. and Verizon Communications Inc. without extending an order. Opponents, including some large technology companies, said it threatened civil liberties and do little to improve national security.

The legislation before the Senate on Wednesday filed as an amendment to a criminal justice system funding bill would broaden the FBIA ???? authority to so-called National Security Letters, that no order and whose existence is usually use a secret required.

Such letters can force a company to hand over a user’s phone billing records. Among changes in the Senate, the FBI will be able to electronic communications transaction records such as timestamps of email and transmitters require email and recipients, visit besides some information about websites a person and social media log-in details.

It would not enable the FBI to use national security letters to obtain the actual content of electronic communications.

The legislation will also permanently ensure a provision of the USA Patriot Act, which can conduct intelligence surveillance on ???? lonely wolfâ ???? suspects not confirmed ties to a foreign terrorist group. This provision, which the Justice Department said never used last year, expires in December 2019.

The bill was expected to succeed scary, but it has two votes fewer than the required 60.

the future of the Senate proposal in the House of Representatives was also uncertain, given its alliance of libertarian-leaning Republicans and technology-friendly Democrats who previous attempts to expand surveillance blocked.

Privacy groups and civil liberties advocates accuse Republicans shoot this week from the operation of the Orlando to build support for related legislation.

Senator Ron Wyden, an Oregon Democrat, criticized Senate Republicans for ???? pushing false, knee-jerk solutions that do nothing to mass shooting or terrorist attacks.â prevent ????

While Republicans called the shooting Orlando in support of the bill, the FBI director James Comey said Omar Mateena ???? transactional records has been completely revised by authorities who examined him twice for possible extremist links.

Comey that there ???? no indicationâ ???? Mateen belongs to an extremist group and it is unlikely authorities had done nothing to prevent the attack

(Reporting by Dustin Volz; Editing by Steve Orlofsky and Bernard Orr).

AP Interview: Jia Zhangke plans virtual reality romance


AP Interview: Jia Zhangke plans virtual reality romance

The director, known for films that depict China’s social changes and acts of violence, the Associated Press said the short film will be a gentle romanticism as “it takes time for people to feel comfortable” in the virtual reality.

“The speed and direction of movement can make people feel physically uncomfortable, so we start with a romantic story,” he said in an interview.

Virtual Reality Entertainment consists primarily of video games, but VR film festivals began to make films as directors at the firm tone in the new medium. This provides a much more solitary experience compared to a movie in a crowded theater.

VR requires a headset blocks out of your area and you can wander through a story in another world a ?? “Either by moving a few steps in different directions or sitting on a swivel chair and the movement of your body in order to watch a 360-degree scene.

The false environment is, however, often unrealistic, but filmmakers are still trying to figure out how to tell a story in VR.

“I am still learning about VR and try to understand it at the time, but I am very interested in this new technology that our vision leaves room from different angles, “Jia Saturday.

it also gives the public more power than they choose what to watch.

” in the past, the public could only think the world inside and outside the window, “he said.” VR deliver an audience and allow people to independently choose what we want to worry with. The audience is more important. “

” Today we can divert our attention closeup shot of a traditional movie we’ve had to look in the past, “said the 46-year-old Jia.” I think it is a brand new and valuable idea. “

Earlier Saturday, Jia at an event with Richard Pea ± a, former director of the New York Film Festival, who tells him that he feels impinged VR medium on the ability of a director to to tell a story.

Pea ± a recall VR detective short film he has seen, in which “the filmmaker wanted me to look to the left, but I wanted to look good. “

Jia said he thinks the filmmaker” is probably a bad job “and suggested that a director can actors whose movements the attention of a viewer can sit directly.

Jia rapid transformation of China investigated in his career, which includes early in underground films, documentaries and international film festival prys wenners 2006 “Still Life” and 2013 “a touch of sin.”

he has years of making underground films for sensors allowed his first film to be released in Chinese cinemas in 2004.

Jia will next month launch its own video streaming site, “Jia screen,” which he said would premiere 108 Short films from around world.

Jia, the audience at the meeting organized by Columbia Global Center in Beijing that while the current technology, and various streaming sites in China allowed to people and to download their movies, it was not seen as a result of the audience did not know what to look out of the thousands.

She platform will “act as a bridge the information to the public, instead of asking the audience to do the work yourself to spend,” he said.

China’s Didi Chuxing raises $7 billion in new funding: source


China's Didi Chuxing raises  billion in new funding: source

The round values ​​the company more than $ 25000000000, the Wall Street Journal reported earlier on Wednesday, referring to people familiar with the matter. (Http://on.wsj.com/28Ed9Sz)

Furthermore, Didi guarantee a $ 2.5 billion debt package from China Merchants Bank Co., the Journal said.

Didi signed a $ 4500000000 $ 1000000000 fundraising rounds that Apple Inc. and included $ 600 million from China Life Insurance Co Ltd <601628.SS>.

Didi and China Merchants Bank was not immediately available for comment.

(Reporting by Anya George Tharakan Bengaluru and Liana B. Baker in San Francisco, Editing by Shounak Dasgupta)