Chrome Super Sync Sports as a cool game for mobile and PCs

What does Chrome Super Sync Sports stands for?

Google has recently launched a special browser-based game called Chrome Super Sync Sports. But it has a significant difference from games that we used to play before.
The new service turns your mobile device into a gaming joystick that lets you control games running in the Chrome browser on your computer. The game allows you to use the unique capabilities of mobile devices in the game at any diagonal screens.
In order to use Chrome Super Sync Sports you need to follow a link /supersyncsports on your computer and select the game mode (one or more players) up there.
Apart from that you need to download the mobile browser from Google to your smartphone and go to link then. You are to have Wi-Fi connect so that for the service to work. The next requirement is to synchronize your mobile phone with your computer by following the steps in / super link in the Chrome browser on your smartphone or tablet and typing a unique code on the computer screen.

After the synchronization process is complete you have to choose one of the 50 athletes (a description of each of them with music will make you smile) with the arrow keys on your smartphone or tablet and get ready for the start. Your character on the computer screen starts moving as soon as you make any action with a touch screen mobile device.
At this point in Chrome Super Sync Sports offers three games like running, biking and swimming.  All three games possess simple graphics and easy to manage at the same time the gameplay variety is not heavy. However, each of the games can inspire the player so that he/she will be involved into the gaming process for a long period of time. Even four persons may play Chrome Super Sync Sports simultaneously  competing on the same screen just using control characters in games smartphones or tablets.
To win the race and see your name on the Victory Gallery you just touch the icon of trophies in the top left corner and as quickly as possible to perform certain actions on the touch screen. At this very moment the synchronizing process is coming up connecting your mobile device to your PC and your actions are displayed in the browser on the computer.
Experimenting Chrome as the most modern Web-based technology browser including technology WebSockets protocol for HTML5 synchronization for games between the computer and smartphones in real time as well as Canvas and CSS3 for the best graphics in devises.

System Requirements

– For the smartphone or tablet: Chrome mobile platform Android 4.0 and later; Chrome mobile platform iOS 4.3 or later; Firefox version 15 or higher; Safari version 5 and above.
– For PC: Chrome version 15 and above; Safari version 5.6 and higher; Firefox version 10 and above.