New technologies for e-book reading

Smart technology

Soon, the reading process of e-books on smartphones and tablet computers will become much easier and more convenient than paper books. This statement was made by the research team of the Korean Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST).
Surely while flipping eBooks the same way like turning the paper pages and bending the corners of sheets the owners of mobile devices can do right now via the application like iBooks. Meanwhile, KAIST experts managed to improve the overall process to a certain extent developing the Smart E-book System.
“The Smart System” provides users with new features like their share copy paper counterparts, and often introduces additional “electronic” comfort.

e-book reading
So, Smart E-book System allows one finger and move the page stack it quickly scroll, hold the side plates. You may also finger “bookmark”, fixing one page at the center of a curved screen and scrolling lists below says Gizmag.
In addition, KAIST technology allows you to have multiple e-book touches: a stroke two fingers results in Flipped two pages with three fingers – three, and so on (A in the photo above). And the speed of scrolling can be controlled by changing the duration of pressing the display (B, C). In addition, you can call him the desired page, simply by drawing the number on the screen (D).

Korean engineers say they have received for Smart E-book System 11 patents. On the timing of commercialization of inventions has not reported, but it is obvious that the wait for the system in the market for a long time is not necessary.