IT system management

IT Outsourcing & remote management

IT system management is more often a crucial issue to our customers who struggle to succeed in business. Managing process and implementation of contingency approach for critical solutions, requires a secure and safe service in order to meet the specific needs of any business irrespectively of it’s type. stands for industrial strength process. Our mission is to apply and implement the recent and up-to-date technologies and equipment at the clients end so that the infrastructure performs with outstanding security capabilities and methodologies to mitigate and manage the risks of operating the complex information system.
Our company provides full technical service and compliant management service to our clients – enterprises of different size. Our goal is as simple: to help you make more money and spend less by improving the quality of work of your computer system and implementing new computer services. We are actively developing and we expand our services ranged by adding new computer services. Now we are trying to provide you with everything we can, and even more.


  • Antivirus. We supply and install for Windows workstations as well as servers in order to provide complete endpoint protection.
  • Remote Access. Our specialists provide a single machine interface which enables you full control with minimal end user interruption I.e. control that even works behind firewalls and NAT.
  • Data Backup. Enables to simplify and centralize the entire process of monitoring and reporting about distributed backups.
  • Mobile Help Desk. We offer the ultimate service desk management application for all sorts of technicians and desk managers who require access all day long.


Standard service package:

  • Software setup. Both servers and PCs & MACs.
  • Diagnostic for the Internet connection status
  • Setting up and tuning office equipment
  • Computer diagnostics, repairmen and upgrade
  • Maintenance of the office ATS and phone equipment

Information Systems Management (ISM)

ISM is the application of IT in order to support the activities of  both business and public sector. Few decades ago the organizations understood the importance of managing resources like:

  • labor,
  • capital,
  • raw materials etc.

Thus, nowadays  it is widely accepted that managing of information resources is very important. ISM implementation supports the process of collection, manipulation as well as storage and distribution for all kind of tangible resourses of the organization.