IBM solutions

What is the solution?

In the context of the Global Solutions Directory catalog IBM uses the term “solution” for all types of products and services to their business partners. This generic term covers all advantages for mutual collaboration of partners and IBM, in which we provide customers with solutions that fit their business needs.

Solutions for growing businesses


  • Optimization of infrastructure.

IBM provides Server solutions both network and software for further growth and innovation of small and medium business enterprises. That is aimed to optimize your IT infrastructure so that your hardware and software work in harmony. By implementing IBM products and services you may significantly cut costs and increase overall efficiency of IT component which will empower management and marketing team to focus on the business issues.

  • Security.

Security threats nowadays became a very Important point for business life circle. In competition environment other companies often try to obtain confidential information about the other players of the market, which will provide them an certain advantage. Thus, you need a stable security system that can evolve to fight them. IBM is perceived as one of the market leaders in this field. IT security expertise of this company helps business to implement and maintain comprehensive and adaptable strategy to prevent the loss and “escape” of information.

  •  Virtualzation and cloud computing/IP telephony.

Cloud technologies help businesses of any kind to shift the bulk of business operations into flexible and adaptable IT environment. IBM here is a trusted partner working to assess your businesses cloud readiness. The need to accomplish more with less is at the financial core of small and midsize business who operate within a tight budget but also need to expand their capacity as their business grows.

  •  Business analysis and consulting

IBM employs a team of professional analysts who constantly monitor the market needs. The reporting includes not only the main findings but also data tables in SPSS , Cognos and ISAS.

IBM Enterprise Content Management

The true business value of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) emerges when it transforms the operations of an organization so they are to meet all needs of its industry. By changing the way of operating and meet the client needs your organization become more powerful and flexible due to technology platform. The specific solutions our clients have implemented reflect our detailed understanding of their goals and the unique requirements of their businesses.
IBM solutions for ECM provide your organization with a competitive edge whenever there’s a decision to be made. They help cut costs and save time so that you can get the most out of your valuable resources.