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What is a leader? Basically saying that’s a person who leads, who has followers. Hence, such kind of person has the power to fulfill his/her dreams ...

What is a leader? Basically saying that’s a person who leads, who has followers. Hence, such kind of person has the power to fulfill his/her dreams through other people. The one, that ready to take responsibility for business and for other people. In other words leader has to foresee the entire objectives clearly as well as to be able to inspire people to achieve appropriate results required.

How many people around us possess such qualities? The correct response is very few. Let me explain why. If I ask you just right now what are your goals for today, this week, this month etc. how many of you will respond immediately without thinking? However, will your answer meet the challenges you currently facing as well as particular measures and route to success offered? Most of the people do not have objectives. They have wishes and dreams but not objectives and goals being clearly realized.

A clever chief at work is hunting employees combining their objectives with his/her own so that achieve synergy. Thus, they both contribute to gain the result. Quite often boss and employee have different objectives. For instance, boss might wish to launch the new mobile APP within couple of month and that demands additional working hours but the employee wants to spend more time with the family and kids.

How to determine the leadership qualities?

If a person is able to identify clearly his/her objectives during the initial interview that might be perceived as an initial signal for leadership. If not, such skills might be obtained via coaching and trainings but not psychotherapy. Because coaching is aimed to teach you how to set goals and achieve them, but not to identify reasons. A few words about inspiration. To inspire people you can go in two ways i.e. personal example or communication. If you demonstrate a personal example, you can spend less time on communication and vice versa. People always need examples to follow that can not only be leveled but also will take you by the hand and lead to success and if you try your best – will lead you to where you needs are.

Why many of employees are not eager to become leaders?

In Russia there is still a strong belief that one should “sit and do not stick out” or “initiative is punishable”. That’s an inheritance from the former USSR. While in the West the demonstration of your personal success and individuality is the norm.
At the same time in any working team there is an informal leader. And from his/her goals depend where he will pull the whole team. So you have to be very careful with such persons. What is the power of personality? That’s one of the things not so easy to explain. Once you meet a person and notice he is strong enough. You notice it in his/her facial expressions, gestures, pose, look, loudness of voice etc. Some people suppress others with their strength, others give calmness and confidence. Others give you their energy. The strength of the leader is manifested in the results and plans, in the scale of the goals and the belief in them.
Some people are born with leadership qualities, but there are also those who acquire them in the process of life. If the leader from birth was not broken down by parents and society he either becomes a good boss at work or a bad employee since he can’t get on with the bosses. Such kind of employees are not convenient for top management. Therefore, many managers are not interested in recruiting such people, although they are ready to take more responsibility and power within the group. Power without responsibility often leads to ill-considered decisions and a complete lack of personal growth. That’s a problem. We often see when the boss shifts responsibility to the subordinate without deligating enough power towards him and the result shows the employee does not cope with the task. Responsibility is like a nesting doll where each next level includes partially the previous one. Thus, you always take the responsibility not only for yourself but for people you delegated the responsibility also and the one set the task is to be prepared to be in charge for the final outcome. A person who performs the task has to do it in a proper way on time whereas a person who is in charge has to ensure the correct execution of the task and control the process.
It’s tough to take the personal responsibility for yourself, but it’s a great challenge to take the same for other members of the team also.

The most common reasons why people are not eager to take the leadership:

– If I succeed it will be perceived as a mutual result of the team but if I lose that will be treated as my personal fail.
– People are very individual and to get agreement with them requires time, patience and attentiveness, which a leader needs to develop.
– People first look at your appearance so you should always look good, watch your speech and manner of behavior, so that it helps to influence the people.
– You need to be popular but not all people are ready to bear the load of popularity.
– You must always be ready for criticism, because you are the ideal target.
– You are to be ready for loneliness, because the leader should not demonstrate his real feelings and weaknesses.
By depriving himself the opportunity to be a leader in a group, a person shields himself from the above mentioned obligations.

Attributes of an employee who is likely not to become a leader:

– Slow and confused speech
– Lack of initiative
– Lack of attention to his/her appearance
– Negotiation of any step within the working process
– Inattention to the terms and details of the task

Attributes of an employee who is likely to become a leader:

– Direct eye look
– Initiative, suggesting the ways of its implementation
– Neat appearance
– Ready to defend his point of view
– Understands how to handle the task together with a team of employees

When a person demonstrates his/her leadership qualities, he will be rewarded with career and salary growth. It is very important to praise the leader always in public but scold only tet-a-tet. Such approach stimulates the leader to do thing in the right way next time. A good leader does not always mean he/she is a good businessman. Leaders can spend all personal and investor’s money because of lack of financial literacy. At the same time a smart businessman can recruit leader to meet the corporate and team objectives. Leadership is out of time because people always need examples to follow, those who lead them.

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