Samsung recalls Galaxy Note 7 phones after battery fires

SEOUL (Reuters) - The. Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. has already Galaxy Note recalled 7 smartphones with batteries fitted this found to fire incline...


Samsung recalls Galaxy Note 7 phones after battery fires

SEOUL (Reuters) – The. Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. has already Galaxy Note recalled 7 smartphones with batteries fitted this found to fire inclined and stopped their sales in 10 markets, denting a rebound in mobile business of the company

Koh Dong-jin, head to give the South Korean company smartphone business, no comment about wild had to be replaced many phones, but Samsung has said 2.5 million of premium devices sold so far.

He has spoken at a press conference on Friday, Koh regret over the withdrawal will affect those markets, including South Korea and the United States. Models in China feature another battery and is not recalled by Samsung, the world’s largest smartphone vendor.

The withdrawal comes just over two weeks after the company launched its latest premium phone, an outsize screen features high-resolution camera. This follows reports of ₩ 988,900 ($ 885) inflammation phone while charging.

The manufacturer intends to not only replace phones by selling defective batteries to consumers, but also dealers’ stocks and units in transit. Nomura estimated that more than 1 million units sold to end users.

“I can not comment on exactly how much the cost will be, but it hurt my heart that it will be so many,” Koh.

Strategy Analytics said the total costs of the withdrawal and lost revenue will be $ 5000000000 violence on Samsung smartphone sales this year and cut smartphone profit margin of 1.5 percent.

The scale of the withdrawal is unprecedented for Samsung, which is proud of its production capacity. While remembering not happen in the smartphone industry, including the rival Apple Inc, the nature of the problem for the Galaxy Note 7 is a heavy blow to the reputation of Samsung analysts said.

The company must act quickly to minimize repair damage to his smartphone minimum after a string of product successes has reversed a decline in market share, she added.

To keep customers

The first phone launched in 10 markets in North America, Asia and the Middle East. Further roll-outs have occurred since in markets such as China, where sales have just started this week. The wider availability for next few weeks, is now on hold.

While there are occasional reports of cell phones catching fire or other fire users, documented cases lead to widespread product recalled remain relatively rare. Samsung said that the height of 35 reports were 7 of the affected Note batteries.

In 2007, the largest battery repealed in consumer electronics history occurred when Nokia, then the world’s top phone maker, has offered to replace 46 million phone batteries produced before the Japanese manufacturer Matsushita Battery.

Germany’s largest operator of Deutsche Telekom, has said it stopped the delivery of orders for the Galaxy Note 7, while the French operator Orange on its website said that the pre-sales of the phone stopped and postponed planned sales launch -. scheduled for Friday

In Britain, cellular EE and Vodafone continue to accept pre-orders for the Notes 7 on their websites. A spokesman others are scheduled September 19 launch sales could slip now, but the company has decided to wait for more details from Samsung.

US operators is taking pre-orders since early August. All major wireless carriers, including No. 1 US wireless carrier Verizon Communications Inc., said they have stopped selling the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. In a separate statement, beginning an exchange program in the country for the Note 7.

major US retailers Best Buy and Target also said it stopped selling Note 7.

Verizon said that if a customer wants to return or exchange the Galaxy Note 7 would forgo by September 30 monitoring charges levied customers. T-Mobile USA, majority owned by Deutsche Telekom, said in a statement that also will waive the succession and the shipping for customers who want to remember phone back.

Second Half hope

Samsung said the purpose of the Note 7 to maintain momentum for strong sales in the second half of the year against competition from holding Apple, which generally expects to release its newest iPhone next week stiffening.

Strategy Analytics said Samsung likely sold less than 10 million Notes 7s this year compared with its previous forecast of 14 million worldwide.

Samsung said new sales resumes of note 7 in the affected markets when it comes to replacements, a process that will start expected in about two weeks. The company will extend repayment periods affected customers and provides scholarships for other Samsung phones, said Koh.

Investors sell Samsung shares after the delay announcement on Thursday, stripping about $ 7000000000 in market value of the company, which remains just beyond recent record highs. Sentiment story slightly in trading on Friday as its shares rose 0.6 percent compared with 0.3 percent in the broader market.

Credit Suisse said a withdrawal or large shipment delays can sweep ₩ 1500000000000 ($ 1.34 billion) of Samsung’s 2016 operating profit estimate of 30.2 trillion won in “absolute worst case” scenario.

But realtors say that scenario is unlikely, since the Samsung expects to resolve the problem for the fourth quarter.

MI Securities analyst James Song said the replacement is somewhat limited if Samsung can recycle components of the recalled phones.

“It’s smart for Samsung to replace the affected models, do not offer fixes,” he said and added that will help consumer confidence.

mobile division of Samsung accounted for about 54 percent of the company January-June operating profit of ₩ 14800000000000.

($ 1 = 1,117.4300 Korean won)

(Additional reporting by Hyunjoo Jin in Seoul, Harro ten Wolde in Berlin, Ahmed Rose Main in Paris, Eric Auchard in Frankfurt, Laura Gardner in London, Subrat Patnaik Bengaluru and Malathi Nayak New York, Editing by Christopher Cushing, Alexander Smith, Mark Potter and Frances Kerry)

Samsung unveils bigger Gear S3 smartwatches


Samsung unveils bigger Gear S3 smartwatches

Berlin (Reuters) – Samsung Electronics unveils two new smart watches on Wednesday, affecting various features of digital features, while also promising to four days of battery life, looking for the Apple Watch

world. largest producer of consumer electronics introduced its new line of gear S3 watches for this week’s opening of the IFA in Berlin, Europe’s largest annual trade show for electronics and household appliances.

The new gear S3 Frontier model has a rough look outside, and the gear S3 Classic has a more sophisticated look, but both clocks feature large faces that probably mainly appeal to male consumers.

The Frontier model has its own mobile radio chip attached to a high speed 4G mobile networks so it will not be necessary “tied” to the smartphone carrier to call or data transmission and reception, in contrast Apple to watches, which requires an iPhone to stay nearby for their connections.

Apple, the current market leader in smart watches, expected to be the new Apple Watch 2 line-up set for a week from now, on September 7, along with new mobile phones and computers.

Gadget News reported that Apple is considering the introduction of smart watches with their own mobile radio in 2017, but will not offer such a feature in the upcoming models feared that it would be their batteries further discharge, which typically last about 24 h in current models need to reload.

The latest Samsung smart watches offers always-on display color, dust and water resistance properties, a built-in speaker and GPS location finding technology. It enables users to also mobile payments in countries where Samsung Pay is available.

The price has not been announced for the new gear S3 watches, which is to buy because of the end of the year.

Samsung’s existing line of gear S2 watches retailing at major online sites for about $ 250 to $ 300, similar to the prices for the most basic sports version of the Apple Watch.

(Additional reporting and writing by Eric Auchard; Editing by Greg Mahlich)

9 Things You Should Never Do on Snapchat


Dona ???? t overdo it with the Lenses.Cool, you change the pitch of your voice for the millionth time since you’ve done it once, then you are out drinking with friends, and at first it was super funny TOA turn your face into a cartoon dog keeps licking the camera. This time you face with your girlfriend and everyone swapped thought it was hilarious (Nice beard, Anne!)? It only works once.

Dona ???? t get used to your whole day.Everyone (and still is) doing this on other social platforms. Ita ???? is a very like Instagram before more people start curating their feed. Your feet downa walking down the street. You spoon stir your windows. Your finger changing channels on the remote control. Your boring daily routine is suddenly shared exciting as online, itâ ???? s magnified. But if you have a dog, take into account all means send breaking your dog, because everyone loves dogs

WEA ???? re not at the concert. we donâ ???? t care for concert.Maybe a quick video or photo is fine. Ita ???? is a humble Braga ?? | good enough. But nobody cares â over the next 20 photos ???? . Especially the guy trying to enjoy the Concerta in line behind you

Quit making your stories so damn long.Sure shown it’s some good advice in real life. But one ???? Storiesâ ???? his pictures and video compilations that you see in your account for each of your friends. Ita ???? is much easier than reading individual friendsâ to send your Snap chats every time. That said, if theyâ longer ???? again as a few seconds, no oneâ ???? enter to watch the whole thing.

Dona ???? t be able to tell what a creeper.People peeked their stories. This means that if you ???? donâ t have a relationship with someone Snapchat, which youâ ???? re sending each other photos and videos private, itâ ???? is not a good idea to obsessive stalking its contents. a

Dona ???? t send the same every day.We do get it, you want beer and face exchanges with photos on your phone. You’ve said the same thing. And the day before.

Dona ???? t snap while driving.Itâ ???? Sa good way to end up with a Darwin Award.

Dona ??? ? t use Snapchat as you Instagram.Youâ ???? d forgive you would think that the two programs were similar with Instagramâ ???? new story mode. But nobody wants to see shitty pictures of what youâ ???? Rea with lunch on Snapchat. (Then again, no one wants to see it everywhere.)

Save the dick pics.Somehow, somehow, everybody (everybody) a go to see it. Unless, of course, thatâ ???? is what you want. If thatâ ???? is the case, one might just donâ ???? t decreases the image of the neck.

U.S. appeals court sends BlackBerry lawsuit back to lower court


U.S. appeals court sends BlackBerry lawsuit back to lower court

New York (Reuters) – A US appeals court yesterday upheld the dismissal of a lawsuit BlackBerry Ltd. alleges fraud inflating its stock price by painting a cheerful picture of the prospects for its Blackberry Z10 smartphone line that was misleading

While the 2nd US Circuit Court of Appeals in New York did not say the lawsuit to establish a credible claim to reconsider the order of a lower court or to let you edit the plaintiffs their complaint in light of what she has said new evidence.

Neither BlackBerry or an attorney for lead plaintiffs Todd Cox and Maria Dinzik immediately responded to requests for comment.

BlackBerry Z10 has his phone in January 2013 in an attempt to Apple Inc’s iPhone market share loss story, and Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. devices powered by Google Inc.’s Android.

The Blackberry Z10 won positive reviews but low sales led to an expected $ 930 million Skryf down for unsold stock on September 20, 2013. BlackBerry shares lost about a sixth of their value on that day.

The Waterloo, Ontario- based company dethrone its CEO, Thorsten Heins, less than two months later.

The lawsuit alleged that BlackBerry tried the poor performance of the Z10 hides to artificially increase its share.

In the decision Wednesday, the 2nd Circuit upheld US District Judge Thomas Griesa’s March 2015 dismissal of the lawsuit for not claiming that BlackBerry and its directors knowingly deceived investors.

The three-judge appeals panel said amounted claims plaintiffs’ fraud by hindsight “by saying that the suspects had to wipe the device will not be successful.

The court nevertheless said Griesa could try to convince prosecutors to allow you to edit their complaint in the light of new regs development and proof that prosecutors said would support their demands.

the Court of Appeal has said if Griesa refuse to let you edit their complaint to prosecutors, he has his reasons, which he did not explain for.

The case is Cox v. BlackBerry Limited, 2nd US Circuit Court of Appeals, No. 15-3991.

(Reporting by Nate Raymond in New York, Editing by W Simon and JS Benkoe)

Massachusetts to tax ride-hailing apps, give the money to taxis


Massachusetts to tax ride-hailing apps, give the money to taxis

(Reuters) – Massachusetts is the preparation of a 5-cent fee per ride on ride-derived applications such as Uber and Lyft raise and spend the money on the traditional taxi Bedryf, a subsidy that appeared the first of its kind to be in the United States.

Republican Governor Charlie Baker drew the nickel fee into law this month as part of a radical package of legislation for the industry.

Ride services are not enthusiastic about the fee.

“I do not think we should be in the business of subsidizing potential competitors,” says Kirill Evdakov, to the CEO of firm, a ride service starting in Boston last year and work Austin, Texas.

Some taxi owners wanted the law to continue, perhaps banning the run-up competitors, unless they do taxis to requirements, such as regular vehicle inspection by the police.

“They’ve been violating the laws on the books, which we have been following for many years,” Larry Meister, manager of Independent Taxi Operator’s Association says the Boston area’s.

The law imposes a 20-cent fee considered, with 5 cents for taxis, 10 cents goes towns and villages and the final 5 cents what a state transport fund.

The fee can raise millions of dollars annually because Lyft and Uber has only a combined 2.5 million journeys per month in Massachusetts.

The law says the money will help taxi companies to take “new technologies and advanced services, security and operational capabilities” and to support workforce development.

Regulations for how the fee will be collected and a plan for how it will always pay to be prepared, says Mark Sternman, a spokesman for the National Mass Development Agency, which manages the money.

riders and drivers will not look at the amount because the law bars companies raise their. Instead, companies themselves will pay the state, although Evdakov said that will be transferred to riders or drivers somehow.

The authorities are struggling worldwide with how to regulate and tax-ride came. Seattle has a law that allows managers to successfully unionize. In Taiwan, uber struggling a tax bill of up to $ 6400000.

Despite the cost, ride services appeared to accept compensation in exchange for other provisions in Massachusetts. For example, the law does not prohibit pick them up at the airport or convention center Boston, but there will be special rules for the sites.

Lyft is satisfied with the law, even though it is not perfect, does spokesman Adrian Durbin.

provocation readers how to spend the 5-cent fee, a column in the Boston Globe offered ideas such as hospitality, education, aansporingsbonusse and help could buy as taxi owners ‘flagship’ vehicles such as a 1940 Checker or a Porsche .

Meister said can get the money to improve a smartphone app association began using, or for other important needs.

“We are certain infrastructural changes are needed,” he said.

The 5-cent fee will be collected by the end of 2021. Then the taxi subsidy will disappear and 20 cents will be split by placing and state for five years. The entire amount will go to the end of 2026.

(Reporting by David Ingram in New York, Editing by Phil Berlowitz)