Pakistan’s untapped resources empowered by e-commerce boom

The women in the north of Chitral is one of the unlikely profiteers of an e-commerce boom since 3G and 4G Internet arrived in the deeply conservati...

The women in the north of Chitral is one of the unlikely profiteers of an e-commerce boom since 3G and 4G Internet arrived in the deeply conservative Muslim country in 2014, suddenly able to market and sell traditional products without needing their villages or in some cases even their homes.

“the online platform eliminates the middleman,” says Nasrin Samad, the entrepreneur behind the craftsman brand Kai, who work with women across the region.

Now, Chitrali women “have access to a global audience,” she says.

Kay products are sold at Polly & amp; amp; Other Stories (, which launched in late 2015 to the traditional craftsmen such as those connected with hungry consumers in Chitral for “authentic” products.

“Year of working with the local community and craft groups has shown us how difficult it was for local small businesses, even the most talented, to gain access to mainstream markets or in connection with customers, both within Pakistan and abroad, “Shaikh-founder Amneh Farooqui AFP.

To bridge the gap, says co-founder Ange Braid, the couple built a website to “small creative companies, many of them accompanied by women or young students, the opportunity to market and sell give. ”

opportunities like this in a country like Pakistan is “large,” said Adam Dawood, head of online market

In the first quarter of 2015 smartphone sent to the country increased by 123 percent, according to the annual report of the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority, one of the fastest growth in developing countries.

broadband subscribers over 26 million people, the Ministry of Information Technology goes in February with broadband penetration from three percent to over 15 percent.

The Ministry cited World Bank studies show that can stimulate a 10 percent increase in high-speed Internet connections Gross Domestic Product (GDP) by 1.38 percent, and add introduced by the advent of broadband in Pakistan to have a “very positive effect on economic growth.”

Dawood echoes optimism the report. “There are tremendous opportunities for anyone to start selling and buying earn money immediately,” he said

-. Email mpowerment –

Women see the benefits, but e-commerce potential offers an even greater opportunity for young people in a country where about two thirds of the population – about 200 million -. It is estimated under the age of 30

In a recent economic survey by the Ministry of Finance exempted the challenges youth in Pakistan, including “limited job search expertise, a mismatch between education, aspirations and needs employers s and a lack of mobility, among other things “.

Seventeen-year-old Daniyal Admaney says he can defy skepticism was, however, about his childhood on his T-shirt design to start listing on Kaymu.

“I … thought I should do something productive during summer holidays when I have nothing to do except to sleep and bored,” he says.

Kaymu, a company of German company Rocket Internet, building new online businesses, helped launch several other e-commerce businesses unique to Pakistan as consumer website

The online market launched in the country three years ago and now boasts 3,000 transactions per day with approximately 11 million unique visitors in 2015, Dawood AFP.

Kaymu now employ about 150 people in Lahore and Karachi working with 15,000 suppliers such Admaney, and has a customer base of more than 300,000 people from around the country.

It has also helped to bring a number of international e-commerce sites to Pakistan, such as carpooling website Tripda and restaurant food delivery website panda.

– Scramble for Pakistan? –

But the global giants of e-commerce, such as Amazon still does not have an established presence in Pakistan, hampered by a lack of regulation and infrastructure as a system payments, says expert Shahzad Ahmad

Unrest in the militant ravaged country is also a factor, he said.

The promise of Pakistan remains enormous, he says, and adds that the central bank of the country, “a study has undertaken on the possibilities of online business and also come with a clear regulatory framework, so that foreign giants are attracted to stud in Pakistan e-commerce market. ”

Some obstacles in the process already deleted. Last year, remove the global Financial Action Task Force Pakistan from its list of high-risk and non-cooperative jurisdictions linked to money laundering.

Following the decision, the IT department in November will relieve the e-commerce regulations and invite online payment giant PayPal and Alibaba for the country, which continue to occur on delivery, but use of debit – and credit growth is announced.

In the meantime, ambitious Pakistanis has supplanted the fast-growing market with their own local, and in many cases successful products.

launching an online business can Nosheen Kashif, a former banker who keeps her job to gather her family to remain a housewife as she launches an online jewelry sales company.

“The scale of online sales is rural,” she says.

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