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Apple offers big cash rewards for help finding security bugs

LAS VEGAS (Reuters) - Apple Inc said they plan to to offer rewards up to $ 200,000 (a £ 152 433) to researchers critical security to find faults ...


Apple offers big cash rewards for help finding security bugs

LAS VEGAS (Reuters) – Apple Inc said they plan to to offer rewards up to $ 200,000 (a £ 152 433) to researchers critical security to find faults in its products, with dozens of companies that have already payments for assistance uncovered errors offer in their products.

The author of iPhones and iPads provided Reuters with the details of the plan, which some of the greatest treasures which includes, to date, for revealing that Thursday afternoon at the Black Hat cyber security conference in Las Vegas.

The program will initially be limited to about two dozen researchers who Apple will invite to help identify hard-to-bare-safety errors in five specific categories.

The researchers are selected from the group of experts which Apple previously helped identify errors, but does not compensate for that work, the company said.

The most profitable category, which rewards of up to $ 200,000 provides is for bugs in Apple’s “secure boot” firmware for preventing unauthorized programs from launching when an iOS device is operated.

Apple said that the decision to increase the size of the program on the advice of other companies that launched earlier abundance program limited.

These companies have said that if they do it again, they will start by inviting to join a small list of researchers, then gradually open over time, according to Apple.

security analyst Rich Mogull said that limiting participation would save Apple from handling an avalanche of “low-value” bug reports.

“Full open program can certainly manage a large part of the funds,” he said.

Apple declined to say which companies offer advice.

These benefits currently offered by dozens of companies, including AT & amp; amp; T Inc., Facebook Inc., Google, Microsoft Corp., Tesla Motors Inc. and Yahoo Inc.

Microsoft, which distributed $ 1.5 million in gifts to security researchers, since three years ago launched its program also offers a reward for identifying highly specific types of errors. The two biggest payouts was $ 100,000 each.

Not all the abundance program is targeted as the children of Apple and Microsoft.

Facebook, for example, has an open program that offers rewards for a wide range of vulnerabilities. This has paid more than $ 4 million over the past five years, with last year’s average payment of $ 1.780.

In March, Facebook will pay $ 10,000 to a 10-year-old boy in Finland found. One way to remove comments from Instagram user accounts

(Reporting by Jim Finkle; Editing by Andrew Hay)

Michael Dell coughs up $750 million cash to buy out Dell


Michael Dell coughs up 0 million cash to buy out Dell

Michael Dell and his investment firm ponying up $ 750 million in cash for the purchase of $ 24.4 billion Dell Inc. into the largest private equity buyout funds to help bankroll, since the financial crisis.

The founder and CEO of Dell this week signed an agreement for the private company he founded from a dorm to acquire in 1984, in collaboration with the private equity house Silver Lake and Microsoft Corp.

Michael Dell pays $ 500 million of his own money, and management MSDC – a subsidiary of the investment firm, MSD Capital -. Contribute $ 250 million, according to a company filing on Wednesday

Dell Inc. also said it would repatriate $ 7.4 billion in cash parked abroad to fund the transaction. This may dismay of some shareholders, as a heavy tax generally levied on the cash back from abroad.

operation, that 24 years of Dell rocky run on the Nasdaq as the once dominant PC maker is struggling to revive growth, is subject to approval by a majority of the shareholders -. with the exception of Michael Dell himself

A number of shareholders, including leading investors Frederick “Shad” Rowe Greenbrier Partners, voted against the agreement, to protest against the lack of precision as well as a potential conflict of interest with Michael Dell, the company the unique shareholder with a large 16 percent of the shares.

“Some shareholders happy. But there are people who think that it is a raw deal,” said Shaw Wu, analyst at Sterne Agee, who spoke with a number of shareholders of Dell since the announcement, but declined to give details.

And so it begins

Dell is considered a model of innovation as recently as the early 2000s, pioneered online ordering custom PCs and works closely with Asian suppliers and manufacturers to ensure production extremely layer. But he missed the shift from industry to high tablet computers, smart phones and consumer electronics high power devices such as music players and game consoles.


said Tuesday the company is sticking to a strategy of expanding its range of software and services for large enterprises, with the goal of becoming a provider of business services – as very profitable IBM. They played speculation the company may spin off the PC business with low margins on which he made his name.

The company does not have many details about what he would do differently as a private entity, some angry shareholders who said they need more information to determine than the price $ 13.65-a-share – a premium of 25 percent of Dell’s stock price before the takeover talks flight in January -. was enough

Wednesday, an individual shareholder filed the first complaint in Delaware, in an attempt to stop the acquisition. The process – which is class-action status – suggests that the $ 13.65 per share grossly underestimated the long-term prospects of the company


“Engaging in. Closing process now – in the middle the transfer of the undertaking of a supplier of PC software and full service business solutions provider – the board is to enable defendants Michael Dell and Silver Lake for Dell to obtain cheap, “read the complaint filed by Catherine Christner.

Dell, a global manufacturer of three personal computers, fell details of equity and debt financing for redemption guaranteed filing Wednesday.

Silver Lake puts up $ 1.4 billion, while banks like Bank of America, Barclays, Credit Suisse and RBC provide approximately $ 16 billion loans and other forms of financing.

filing Wednesday is also shown that in certain circumstances, if the merger can not be performed, Michael Dell and Silver Lake may have to pay the termination of up to 750 million in the company.