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PC outlook darkens as sales slump deepens in 1Q

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) â?? The PC market weakened sick, and he begins to look as though it never fully recover as a new generation of mobile devices, ...


SAN FRANCISCO (AP) â?? The PC market weakened sick, and he begins to look as though it never fully recover as a new generation of mobile devices, there is another way people use technology.

The latest evidence of the weakness of the PC released on Wednesday with the publication of two reports that dark unprecedented decline in sales of desktop and laptop machines during the first three months of the year.

And if that were not difficult enough news, it seems that a makeover spindle Microsoft ubiquitous Windows operating system seems to have done more harm than good, because the software is released in October.

“This is terrible news for the PC,” said BGC Financial analyst Colin Gillis. “It’s all about mobile computing now. We have certainly reached the tipping point.”

deviation s’ be partly explained by the slightly different definitions of corporate PCs.

It does not matter how things are analyzed, the PC market is in the worst shape since IBM Corp. has a desktop machine in 1981. PC sales fell in the reference four consecutive quarters, a slide that even gained momentum amid signs that the global economy is in better health.


go out of style, because they are generally more expensive than smartphones and tablets, and are not as easy to use. Most PCs sell for $ 500 to $ 1500, while the first out-of-pocket costs for a smartphone is also little as $ 99, while a series of tablets to sell for $ 200 to $ 300.

late Apple CEO Steve Jobs, whose company has driven the revolution of mobile computing with the 2007 version of the iPhone, said the world was a “post-PC era” entering shortly after the iPad was three years ago released.

A June 2010 appearance at a technology conference, employment, compared to the challenges facing the PC industry what happened trucks in the United States decades ago that the neglect of agriculture has resulted in more people to move to cities where they wanted to instead drive cars. “I think that PCs will be like trucks,” Jobs predicted at the time. “Fewer people in need.”

Traditional PC still has a long way to go before it becomes obsolete.

Despite a shocking start in the first quarter, more than 300 million PCs to be sold worldwide this year. tablet computers, a category that is irrelevant to the iPad arrived, catching up rapidly about 200 million of these deices could be sold this year. Meanwhile, the global smartphone sales would exceed one billion units this year, predicts Gillis.

PC sales may be further affected in the coming years, with the release of “wearable computing” devices that connect to the Internet via voice control equipment connected to goggles and watches.

The increasing use of mobile devices is creating new opportunities and tensions in the technology sector. Internet companies like Yahoo Inc. and Facebook initially their digital services, especially designed to be consumed on the PC are eager to change things to make them work better on smartphones and tablets.

But companies most threatened by the changes that Mobile PC hang to enjoy their money. This group includes heavyweights such as technological manufacturer of Microsoft Windows, PC makers Hewlett-Packard Co. and Dell Inc. and PC chip maker Intel Corp.

“It’s time for these companies to take important decisions and ask:” How can we boat around, “says analyst Patrick Moorhead technology.

Microsoft Corp Steve Ballmer thought it was a tonic last fall when his company a radically new Windows last fall released. Windows 8 is refreshed similar to the design of the software the most popular smartphones and tablet computers. The revision is a relearning process, a jump that many consumers and business customers are not willing to take.

All signs point to until Windows 8 is a flop.

“Unfortunately, it seems clear that the launch of Windows 8, not only did not provide a positive pulse on the PC market, but the market seems to have slowed down,” IDC vice president Bob O’Donnell said.

The new version of Windows is designed to work with touch screens, but the screens add to the cost of a PC. Together changes and price increases “one PCs less attractive alternative to tablets and other devices dedicated competitive”, says O ‘Donnell.

In a statement, Microsoft described the PC market as “very dynamic and changing.” Referring to a number that was previously reported, the company has more than 60 million copies of Windows 8 sold to date . It is “a very good start of each measure,” Microsoft said. “With our partners, we will continue with more innovation to market through tablets and computers.”

countdown, IDC excludes tablets, even if they run type PC Software. It also excludes any device with a detachable keyboard. With the release of Windows 8 PC manufacturers have their experiences revived with tablet laptop hybrid, some removable keyboards. Consumers are likely to have shifted some purchases from traditional laptops and these new devices, which means that the overall decline in sales of Windows devices may not be as radical as the number of IDC suggests.

Windows 8 was bad start selling exacerbate periodic discussions with Microsoft Steve Ballmer, who replaced Bill Gates, co-founder of the company CEO almost 13 years to replace. “This puts more pressure on Ballmer because Windows 8 is the epicenter of all this,” said Moorhead.

Microsoft, based in Redmond, Washington, to questions from analysts on April 18 to answer when it is scheduled for its fourth quarter results release. Ballmer generally does not participate in these sessions.

Microsoft shares fell 55 cents, or nearly 2 percent, to 29 , $ 73 in extended trading, after the release of the sales reports.

Hewlett-Packard., the world’s largest manufacturer of PCs, has fallen by 24 percent of the deliveries in the first quarter compared to the same period a year ago. It was HP largest quarterly decline since the company rival PC manufacturer Compaq bought ten years ago.

HP shares fell 60 cents, or 2.7 percent, to $ 21.72 in extended trading.

Meanwhile, industry No. 2, China’s Lenovo Group has sales offices first-time buyers in China and other developing countries. therefore stable revenue alone among the first five global PC vendors, according to IDC figures.

Dell Inc. , the manufacturer of the third-largest PC has dropped by 11 percent during the quarter. bad news could be useful in Round Rock, Texas, for $ 24.4 billion attempts to sell it to a group that CEO Michael Dell. Certain shareholders believe that the proposed sale price of $ 13.65 per share is too low, but the board of Dell argued that this is a generous offer, given the deterioration of the PC industry â?? point that more weight now that the final sales are off.

Dell shares fell a penny on the market expanded to $ 14.20.


Svensson reported from New York.