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Johnson & Johnson approaches Actelion about takeover deal



Johnson & Johnson approaches Actelion about takeover deal

UK PM Cameron under pressure over Google tax deal


UK PM Cameron under pressure over Google tax deal

London (Reuters) – British Prime Minister David Cameron is under growing pressure on Wednesday over an overdue tax deal by Internet group Google agreed that greeted by his finance minister as a great success, but rejected as “ridiculous” by the Opposition Labour Party.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn challenged Cameron to the transaction, which he represents to defend a tax rate of only 3 per cent on £ 6 billion ($ 8.5 billion) of profits that Google, now part of holding alphabet Inc., earn Great Britain since 2005.

“Why is there one rule for the big multinational companies and another for ordinary small businesses and self-employed workers?” he asks the prime minister in his weekly parliamentary question session .

Cameron did not comment on the 130000000 pound settlement, which covers 2015 and 2005 bringing the companyâ ???? the total tax bill 200 million pounds for the period in which it had not UK income of about £ 24000000000.

However, he has said he is really upset about Googleâ ???? fails to pay too much tax, adding that it mostly took place when Labour was in power 1997-2010.

“WEA ???? five more done on tax evasion and tax avoidance as Labour have ever done,” he said.

Finance minister George Osborne, are seen as a possible successor to Cameron, said the settlement was “a victory for the action we have taken” against corporate profit-shifting.

Google said that paying any taxes owed. This says it explained little profit in the UK, because most of his income is derived from innovations invented in the United States.

“We pay taxes based on the value created by the economic activity of our employees here value,” a Google spokesman.

Gains in European sales reported in Bermuda, which have a zero tax rate.

Domestic media have sharply criticized the tax deal and even outspoken opponents Corbyn such as the tabloid Sun has backed Labour on the issue.

Rupert Murdoch, executive chairman of News Corp., and 21 Century Fox Inc. [NWSNA.UL], criticized the deal, tweeting that, “Google et al broke no tax laws. Now pay token amounts for public relations purposes. Will do not work. must pay strong new laws as the rest of us. “

His tweets set off a Twitter storm, criticizing Murdoch with others for meetings with the conservative, wondering about the taxes by Murdoch’s companies pay, and even after a few of the reports on his tactics papers.

“You can not get a few journalists about this place burglary phones of celebrities and the like,” tweeted a user under the handvatseltradercoach.

tax evasion is a hot political issue in Britain, where people whether the burden of fixing the public finances is fairly shared.

Since the transaction was announced on Friday, Labour has called for an investigation by the National Audit Office, the Parliamentary Committee on Public Accounts (PAC) has said it will investigate the transaction and the Treasury Commission said it would investigate the entire corporate tax system.

Google said it is prepared to testify at the PAC hearing, the date for which has not yet been confirmed.

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Nevada governor signs $335M deal to lure electric carmaker


The move came shortly after the legislature voted overwhelmingly to support the transaction Saturday, after a four-day special session in Carson City. Lawmakers learned last week that the Chinese billionaire Jia Yueting is the background of the mysterious California-based company, which has some former Tesla Motors executives in service and that Faraday plans to bring 4500 direct jobs in Nevada.

“This is a watershed moment,” said Democratic Senator Pat Spearman, whose district includes parts of the recession battered North Las Vegas, where the plant will be built. “I will be happy to go back to my ingredients and says the darkness that overshadowed has lifted us.”

The transaction comes a little more than a year after state lawmakers approved a $ 1300000000 stimulus package land a huge Tesla battery factory outside of Reno. Nevada officials said the transactions reform and diversify the state’s economy after decades of tying his fate casino.

“We are proud of our mining industry, we are proud of our performance, we are proud of all anchor tenants that we have had in our state,” said the Republican governor said before signing the bills. “But changing the world. And I know you agree with me that we’re not going to make it through we succeed.”

Nevada triumphed over California, Louisiana and Georgia in the attempt to plant the land. The state will provide $ 215 million in tax credits and rebates, and public finance $ 120 million in infrastructure improvements in an underdeveloped industrial park in North Las Vegas.

While Nevada is known for his libertarian leanings and lack of a state income tax, who hammered out the deal say other factors eventually won over the company.

“It’s not just about the tax environment It’s about education, workforce development, willingness we to turn on a dime in some senses and says.” Please come is to us “says Republican Assembly Majority Leader Paul Anderson.” We are now internationally known as a place to come and do business. We have to keep the momentum. “

Skeptics included Republican council member Ira Hansen, the company questioned China’s support and that he would not trust such a delicate firm with his personal investments or the state.

Nevada officials who negotiated the transaction testified that she’s building protection in the accounts as a short history of the company recognition. Faraday will not be able to access all of its discounts until he threshold to $ 1000000000 investment.

Faraday hopes groundbreaking on the plant early next year. Improvements to the barren industrial park plans, including water service, is expected to enter the calm website and other large tenants to attract every few months, according to North Las Vegas Mayor John Lee.

“It’s really a high point in the history of North Las Vegas and the state of Nevada,” he said.

Iran nuclear deal hits milestone aimed at sanctions relief


The transaction has formally effect Sunday, opening the way for Iran to make major changes to an underground nuclear facility, a heavy water reactor and an area for uranium enrichment. The changes will not happen immediately, and Iran’s nuclear program will be curtailed for relief from sanctions.

“These steps will allow us to achieve our objectives outlined over the course of almost reaches two years of tough, principled diplomacy,” President Barack Obama said in a statement.

“I have full confidence in the extraordinary benefits to our national security and the peace and security of the world” out to the agreement in place.

Senior administration officials said Saturday they understand in the best interest of Iran to work quickly, but it’s just afraid that the job well done. She insisted that none will be relief from the sanctions until the UN International Atomic Energy Agency has verified Iranian compliance with the provisions of the agreement. She said Iran’s work will undoubtedly take more than two months Iran has projected.

The administration officials on a conference call with reporters, but under the condition that they not be identified by name.

As part of the nuclear agreement, Barack Obama on Sunday issued provisional release and a memorandum American mission agencies to lay the groundwork for the softening of sanctions against Iran.

In Iran, Ali Akbar Velayati, a top adviser Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the state TV “. On implementation, all overseen must Westerners, especially Americans, to keep their promises”

Velayati said Iran expects the United States and other Western countries negotiating the transaction will be their “good will” appointed by the lifting of sanctions.

atom overhanging head of Iran Ali Akbar Salehi, told state television that Tehran was ready to begin taking steps to meet, waiting an order from the president Hassan Rouhani. “We are hopeful to begin in the current or next week,” he said.

The IAEA said Sunday that Iran has agreed to a greater control of its commitment to make the transaction, which go beyond the basic monitoring by the safeguards agreement with IAEA Member States the Agency. For example, it can briefly mention inspections of locations may suspect the IAEA of black core activities.

Even if the terms of the agreement start to take effect, the recent developments show the wide gap between the US and Iran on other issues.

fighters from Iran is working in cooperation with Russia in Syria, and a Revolutionary Court sentenced a Washington Post reporter who was held more than a year on charges of spying among others. The court did not provide details about the verdict or sentence. Moreover, detained two other Americans, and the US has asked for help from the Government of Iran finding a former FBI agent who lost in 2007 while working for the CIA on an approved intelligence mission.

Also, Iran successfully test-fired a long-range guided ballistic surface-to-surface missile.

“The Obama administration’s belief that this nuclear agreement may usher in a new era of partnership is a reading completely wrong,” a critic of the transaction, Rep. Ed Royce, chairman of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs. Royce, R-California., Said the administration “is looking more naive through the day.”

But US officials claim that this action would be worse if they are backed by a nation with a nuclear weapon. Officials have stressed that the seven-nation pact focused exclusively on resolving the nuclear issue.

The steps taken by the US comes 90 days after the UN Security Council endorsed the deal.


Associated Press writers Nasser Karimi in Tehran, Iran, and George Jahn in Vienna contributed to this report.

Netflix cuts original TV deal with DreamWorks


LOS ANGELES (AP) â €? Netflix announced Monday that it would offer new television DreamWorks Animation in 2014 in what the company described as the biggest deal ever for the latest original content.

Although financial details were not disclosed, Netflix Inc. said the deal includes more than 300 hours of new TV episodes to a multi-year agreement. Analysts estimate that the agreement can be hundreds of millions of dollars over time.

operation is a major coup for both companies. It helps Netflix compete with premium channels like HBO and Showtime, DreamWorks and indicates a potentially lucrative market for his performances as he tries to get rid of the dependence of two or three big budget films a year.

“This is undoubtedly a revolutionary agreement,” said Tuna Amobi, an equity analyst at Standard & Poor’s, which covers both Netflix and DreamWorks Animation SKG Inc.

While concerns remain about how much the case will cost Netflix at the end, the company said that it can not start with the original series in the 40 countries where Netflix operates. This could help to spread as Netflix continues to expand abroad. Costs over a larger area and more subscribers

“The big question is whether this is an international catalyst in terms of subscriber growth will be,” said Amobi.

Investors welcomed the deal as a victory winner. Netflix shares rose $ 15.24, or 7.1 percent, to close at $ 229.23 Monday, while DreamWorks shares rose 93 cents, or 4 percent, to close at $ 23.74.

Netflix strengthen doubling down on original programming for children, hoping to push her to become a brand of family entertainment. New content should alleviate some of the pain of loss shows a series of children’s network Nickelodeon ‘Viacom Inc., including future episodes of “Dora the Explorer” which Amazon.com Inc. snapped up by its streaming service in early June

The agreement enables DreamWorks significantly accelerate television production currently produces only ‘Dragons:. Riders of Berk “for Cartoon Network, which is a series of 20 episodes of 23 minutes each completed?? Less than 8 hours of content via a? March

A second season of” Dragons “is scheduled for release in the fall, and Netflix has already signed a contract with DreamWorks for a series based on his new film, “Turbo.” But the case that some new series will begin the business standard length of five to seven years each year industry.

new series will be based on characters or future success of the film, the past as “Shrek” franchise hits or more, including hundreds of characters such as “Casper the Friendly Ghost,” which DreamWorks has acquired the Media classical past July for $ 155 million.

The new DreamWorks shows are not likely to walk on land already covered by existing television shows, according to the spokeswoman Allison Rawlings DreamWorks.

licenses> all characters from DreamWorks ‘Kung Fu Panda’,” Madagascar “and” Monsters vs. Aliens “on Nickelodeon Viacom, the original television production of animation shows was based on these films since 2008.

The multi-year agreement in principal secret Netflix dedicated to “House of Cards,” a political drama starring Kevin Spacey, which debuted to rave reviews on Netflix in February.

Netflix is ​​adding original programming to the list of older movies and TV shows repetitions, and is preparing to launch the Jenji Kohan-created “Orange is the new black” next month. The company said that in the coming years, the expenditures include the original content less than 10 percent of the $ 2 billion in annual costs of the content.

Netflix increased attention to children’s programs is regarded as a departure from the tactics of the pay-TV channels, high-end traditional like HBO, Starz and Showtime, including original shows tend to be adapted to adults. Also slopes competition for children viewers with Amazon, which last month announced that it will produce three new original shows for children are members of Amazon Prime service plan.

Netflix said it has 29.2 million subscribers streaming video in the United States and 7.1 million internationally at the end of March. These figures are up 5.8 and 4.1 million a year earlier, respectively.

In December, Netflix announced that it would offer Disney films, starting with movies released in 2016. He refused to enter into such an agreement for the rights of Sony films of 2016, which was maintained by Starz.

The reaction of investors

was not unequivocally positive. Analyst Rich Tullo brokerage Albert Fried & Co. said he doubts that DreamWorks has the capacity to produce. More than one or two new series per year

“It is physically impossible without the content being spread over 10 years,”

he said. Television Life is not guaranteed, and it is not clear that this will compensate for the loss of contents Nickelodeon Netflix, he said.

“Will they lose two million subscribers from the loss of the contents of Nickelodeon It is also possible,” he says.

Netflix is ​​gradually shifting where it the money? preferably exclusive and original content on emissions that occur elsewhere, as the case was with the Starz content and Viacom. He left two of these agreements expire.

company studied viewing habits of its subscribers to ideas to determine whether the program is likely to collect a success in his service and how to pay. But have not been winners all the choices.

“Arrested Development” began last month, Netflix shares fell more than 6 percent, as critics have been mixed reviews. Monday gains more than offset the lost ground.