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Journalist’s lawyer: Prank doesn’t merit prison

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) â?? A lawyer with a Reuters editor accused of helping hackers damaging story Los Angeles Times reported Friday that the reporte...


Journalist's lawyer: Prank doesn't merit prison

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) â?? A lawyer with a Reuters editor accused of helping hackers damaging story Los Angeles Times reported Friday that the reporter does not commit the crime, but even if it did, it was a joke Internet must not send someone to jail for 25 years.

“No one was injured, no one was injured sustainable Identify individual stolen, lives are ruined,” the lawyer said Matthew Key, “Jay Leiderman.” It was a joke, I have a joke think, you get 25 years in the prison. “

federal government

say in December 2010, provided that the keys hacker group Anonymous with information connected to the computer system of the Tribune Co., parent company of The Times to open. Tribune also owns a television station buttons Sacramento was fired months earlier.

According to the U.S. Department of Justice, a hacker has changed a news time to read “The pressure increases to opt House Chippy 1337,” a reference to another group of hackers. “Chippy 1337” claimed responsibility for damage to the site editor Eidos video game in 2011.

A second attempt to hack the Times has failed, according to the indictment released Thursday.


was accused of one count of conspiracy to information damage to a protected computer and the transmission forward and trying to make this information across. If convicted, the New Jersey native faces a total of 25 years in prison and a $ 500,000 fine if convicted ceiling each count. It is scheduled for arraignment on April 12 Sacramento.

“It’s amazing that we use our laws and our scarce resources on like this,” Leiderman The Associated Press on Friday.

“In the wake of the Aaron Swartz case, we really thought that the judge would kind of take their breath and realize that maybe they had made a mistake in the pursuit of this case forward in such an aggressive way to what is essentially jokes, “said Liederman. ” I think what the court has done, is a kind of double down on it. “

He referred to the Internet activist, 26-year-old who was found dead in his apartment in Brooklyn on January 11 when a process is created in the future.

Family and friends say

Swartz committed suicide after he chased by federal prosecutors. Officials say he helped millions after court documents online for free and illegally downloaded millions of scientific articles an information online.

indictment of keys, also 26, comes after the recent hacks into computer systems of two other American media companies have the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. Both newspapers reported in February that their computer systems are infiltrated by hackers based in China, state control of the media coverage of the Chinese government considers important.

Anonymous and the derivative Lulz Security, have been linked to a number of large-scale cyber attacks and crimes, many of which were designed to governments, federal agencies and the Giants embarrass the company. they are linked to attacks that data from the FBI partner InfraGard organization took, and they blocked sites of the CIA and the public broadcaster.

Keys page

“Facebook said he worked as a news producer in line for Tribune-owned affiliate KTXL FOX from June 2008 to April 2010.

Researchers say

key than a pirate called “Sharpie” connection information in a chat room on the Internet visited by pirates gave and urged the attacker to do damage to the Tribune Co.

assert federal prosecutors in the court documents that legendary pirate and Chief Anonymous name “Sabu” tips on how to infiltrate systems Tribune gave. The FBI Sabu unmasked when he stopped Hector Xavier Monségur June 7, 2011. Monségur secretly worked as an FBI informant to federal officials announced that helped to stop five suspected pirates March 6, 2012.

Federal officials declined to comment on whether Sabu surveyed keys.

The next day, it was announced that Sabu was an FBI informant, Keys wrote a story for Reuters about “infiltration” chat room pirates.

Keys Reuters hired in 2012, associate editor for social media. David Girardin, a spokesman for the press agency, told the AP in an e-mail Friday keys was suspended with pay Thursday. He would not go.

A spokesman Co., Chicago-based Tribune declined to comment.

According Keys Facebook profile, he is single, lives and works in New York Reuters office in New York, where “I paid to use Twitter and Facebook to work.”

Reuters, a unit of New York-based Thomson Reuters Corp. has expanded its activities in the United States. This year, six of the seven newspapers Tribune fell to the Associated Press, Reuters, citing cost. The Los Angeles Times stayed with AP.


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AP National Writer Martha Mendoza in Santa Cruz has also contributed to this report.