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Russian court turns down appeal from Google in anti-monopoly case

Moscow (Reuters) - A Russian court yesterday rejected an appeal against Google in an anti-monopoly case preinstalled apps on mobile devices with th...


Russian court turns down appeal from Google in anti-monopoly case

Moscow (Reuters) – A Russian court yesterday rejected an appeal against Google in an anti-monopoly case preinstalled apps on mobile devices with the Android operating system, reported Interfax news agency

Earlier, Russia’s anti-monopoly watchdog FAS imposed 438000000 rubles ($ 6.83 million) fine on Google after ruling that the company has violated Russian anti-monopoly rules.

(Reporting by Alexander Wen, writing by Denis Pinchuk)

Senate votes down proposal to expand FBI surveillance powers


Senate votes down proposal to expand FBI surveillance powers

WASHINGTON (Reuters) -. The US Senate voted yesterday against a Republican-backed proposal to extend the Federal Bureau of Investigation secret surveillance powers to the mass shooting at an Orlando gay nightclub last week

The measure the Senate because rejection yesterday four measures that would restrict gun sales.

During Wednesday’s vote, Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell switched his vote to “no,” this week gives himself the opportunity to bring the level of treatment as quickly later.

The legislation will be the type of phone and Internet records may ask the FBI for companies such as Google unity of alphabet Inc. and Verizon Communications Inc. without extending an order. Opponents, including some large technology companies, said it threatened civil liberties and do little to improve national security.

The legislation before the Senate on Wednesday filed as an amendment to a criminal justice system funding bill would broaden the FBIA ???? authority to so-called National Security Letters, that no order and whose existence is usually use a secret required.

Such letters can force a company to hand over a user’s phone billing records. Among changes in the Senate, the FBI will be able to electronic communications transaction records such as timestamps of email and transmitters require email and recipients, visit besides some information about websites a person and social media log-in details.

It would not enable the FBI to use national security letters to obtain the actual content of electronic communications.

The legislation will also permanently ensure a provision of the USA Patriot Act, which can conduct intelligence surveillance on ???? lonely wolfâ ???? suspects not confirmed ties to a foreign terrorist group. This provision, which the Justice Department said never used last year, expires in December 2019.

The bill was expected to succeed scary, but it has two votes fewer than the required 60.

the future of the Senate proposal in the House of Representatives was also uncertain, given its alliance of libertarian-leaning Republicans and technology-friendly Democrats who previous attempts to expand surveillance blocked.

Privacy groups and civil liberties advocates accuse Republicans shoot this week from the operation of the Orlando to build support for related legislation.

Senator Ron Wyden, an Oregon Democrat, criticized Senate Republicans for ???? pushing false, knee-jerk solutions that do nothing to mass shooting or terrorist attacks.â prevent ????

While Republicans called the shooting Orlando in support of the bill, the FBI director James Comey said Omar Mateena ???? transactional records has been completely revised by authorities who examined him twice for possible extremist links.

Comey that there ???? no indicationâ ???? Mateen belongs to an extremist group and it is unlikely authorities had done nothing to prevent the attack

(Reporting by Dustin Volz; Editing by Steve Orlofsky and Bernard Orr).

FCC Chairman Genachowski to step down


NEW YORK (AP) â?? The chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, Julius Genachowski, announced Friday that he resigned in the “coming weeks”, after a period of four years, mixed reviews for her and tangible progress earned in sectors which he supervises.

country’s top telecom regulator at a meeting of the staff of his decision Friday morning. His imminent departure was reported by various media Thursday.

Genachowski, 50, was appointed in 2009 and earned a median line between the wishes of the public interest and the telecommunications industry, who do not like each side.

His mandate saw broadband adoption continues and more and more high-speed Internet connection, especially on the wireless side, but consumer groups saw the approval of the acquisition of Comcast NBC as an error, while AT & T Inc. has a heavy blow when the acquisition of T-Mobile USA is blocked.

“For those of us who represent the public, Chairman Genachowski term can be described as one of missed opportunities,” says public interest group Public Knowledge. Genachowski must do more to the authority of the FCC broadband, largely unregulated over the phone, confirm and to prevent the consolidation in the industry, he said.

In an interview, Genachowski defended the FCC in 2010 that prohibits wired for Internet service providers access to websites and services to block.

“We are the first lines of Internet freedom and openness, as well as the rules work to protect. We are the innovation and investment in Internet applications and services, as well as networking and Internet infrastructure see,” said Genachowski. “I think we have an open Internet was established as a company and the social norm in the United States”

President Barack Obama, who has worked with Genachowski Harvard Law Review, said that he brought to the FCC focus ” clear innovation, help our businesses compete in a global economy and help the country to industries and jobs of tomorrow to pull. “

Rob Atkinson, president of the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation, a non-partisan think tank, the FCC Genachowski praised for its high speed National Plan? ? fore all federal impulse of the availability and adoption of broadband Internet??, and for his efforts to bring more spectrum for wireless broadband services to use.

“broadband economy of America is booming, with a record of private investment, innovation unmatched in networks, applications and peripherals, and new American leadership in the world,” Genachowski said Friday as he thanked the staff of the FCC.

Genachowski departure follows that of Republican Robert McDowell, leaving the five-member committee with a 2-1 Democratic majority until Obama appoints new president and commissioner.

Stifel Nicolaus analyst Christopher King and David Kaut said they believe the candidate pre-race for the next president Tom Wheeler, a venture capitalist and former president of two major groups of commercial, industrial wired and wireless.

Yahoo to shut down seven products, including Blackberry app


Yahoo to shut down seven products, including Blackberry app
Yahoo Inc.

stops seven products, including its mobile application for BlackBerry smartphones, as the new CEO Marissa Mayer takes a page from the playbook of Google Inc. successful in eliminating mass products.

The judgments of products, including Yahoo announced on its official blog of the company on Friday, part of what the company said further efforts to evaluate and revise its range.

“The most crucial question is whether we experience is really a daily habit that still resonates with you all today,” writes Jay Rossiter, president of Yahoo executive vice president of platforms.

This announcement represents the second stop Yahoo group products Mayer, a former executive of Google, was CEO of the struggling web portal in July. ‘S so-called “spring cleaning” ads which different products are entered, have become a regular feature in Google in recent years.

Mayer reported the company lowered its lineup of mobile applications at an investor conference last month, noting that Yahoo would reduce 60-75 disparate mobile applications is currently between 12 and 15 applications easier to manage.

Yahoo said its application for BlackBerry smartphones is no longer available for download, or supported by Yahoo, April 1

Yahoo also said that on April 1, stop supporting Yahoo Avatars -. the cartoon-like characters, using digital consumers represent Web services such as Facebook and Yahoo Instant Messenger. Consumers who wish to continue to use their avatar on Yahoo online services necessary for the avatar to download, re download the information to their Yahoo custom profile.

Yahoo products

other end to Yahoo App Search, Yahoo Sports IQ, Yahoo Clues, message boards and Yahoo Site Updates Yahoo API to record.