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U.S. meets tech leaders, forms task force to fight online militants

WASHINGTON / SAN JOSE (Reuters) - The Obama administration sent on Friday to his top national security officials tech meet industry leaders in Sili...


U.S. meets tech leaders, forms task force to fight online militants

WASHINGTON / SAN JOSE (Reuters) – The Obama administration sent on Friday to his top national security officials tech meet industry leaders in Silicon Valley and announced a new task force to online propaganda against the United States trying to crack down on the down unprecedented use of the Internet by the jihadiste.

White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough led a high level government delegation which held talks with representatives of some of the nation’s largest technology companies, including Apple CEO Tim Cook.

It is the latest attempt by the Obama administration to technology firms nice talk more cooperative with the intelligence services asked a ravine by the former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden’s revelations, which oversees government set put to be.

The talks, a government complex along San Jose City Hall, described by a senior administration official as â ???? technological brainstorming meetingâ ???? to look at ways to make it more difficult for violent extremists use the internet to recruit support or to plan attacks.

“We explain our policies and how we enforce them – Facebook does not tolerate terrorists or terrorist propaganda and we work aggressively to it as soon as we become aware of to remove it,” has a Facebook spokesman said after The meeting, which lasted two hours and 15 minutes.

Google, Twitter, Microsoft, Yahoo and LinkedIn also plans to send senior managers as President Barack Obama works to the public that his administration battles against Islamic state in the wake of the recent attacks in Paris and reassure San Bernardino, California.

A Brookings Institution report in 2015 noted that Islamic state that large parts of Syria and Iraq control, the industry has at least 46 000 Twitter accounts for a period of three months in 2014.

Security was surprisingly light around the San Jose venue and local media posted photos on Twitter of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson McDonough and walk down the street to get coffee before the meeting.


Several social media companies have their conditions of service updated within the last 18 months to a stricter attitude to the content that can incite violence, but some are reluctant to appear cooperative with the government due to privacy and commercial interests.

Twitter, long beswadderde less cooperative as other companies such as Facebook, updated its policy last week expressly forbidden â ???? hateful conduct.â ???? battle

Law enforcementâ ???? s encrypted electronic communication used by criminal and terrorist suspects was to crack down on the agenda, but not expected to be a central focus, said sources.

Intelligence officials and some lawmakers have complained that the growing incidence of strong encryption email, phone and messaging platforms, such as iMessage or Whatsapp, hamstring their ability to monitor communications between criminal suspects.

The Obama administration abandoned a push last year for legislation that would force US companies to so-called â ???? build backdoorsâ ???? in getting their products investigators access to encrypted data, calls amid concerns from technologists and privacy. The meeting is not required to make a change in the official position of the White House fast.

Attorney General Loretta Lynch and FBI Director James Comey and other senior officials also have the San Jose talks.

As part of its online efforts against jihadiste, a new group known as the tools of violent extremism Task Force will “integrate and harmonize” government efforts to prevent violent extremism in the United States, White House national security spokesman Ned Price said.

The changes appear largely bureaucratic, however, and reflects the government’s ongoing battle for the presence of the Islamic State necessarily speak online.

The task force will involve the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Justice and other federal and local agencies.

In addition, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that the renovation of how to deliver anti-propaganda on websites like Twitter with the formation of a new global Engagement Center. This will move away from a heavily criticized campaign that included production English counter-propaganda content and direction help allies in creating more targeted anti-militants communication

(Additional reporting by Roberta Rampton and Julia Edwards in Washington ;. Editing by Jonathan Weber and Alistair Bell)

FanDuel, DraftKings vow to fight New York’s halt on bets


FanDuel, DraftKings vow to fight New York's halt on bets

Daily fantasy sports websites and FanDuel Draft Kings willing to fight in the New York court against top state prosecutor, who said she was running illegal gambling activities, and they have the mission to stop the involvement of the state.

Draft Kings called stop and desist decree by New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman on Tuesday “hasty and uninformed” and said it is willing to continue to mount a legal challenge, so the company in the state was.

“We will fight this to the utmost efforts to ensure that New York fantasy sports fans do not have to stop playing,” Draft King said in a statement.

FanDuel also said that he plans a legal challenge.

In addition, Draft Kings and FanDuel begin mobilizing hundreds of thousands of their users in the state of New York, asking them to send Schneiderman email framing support for the games. FanDuel said they have more than 600,000 players in the state; Draft Kings said that more than 500,000 daily fantasy players there.

The two companies, who have five days to respond to the order issued by Schneiderman on Tuesday, continued to take money from customers in the state, she said.

In the game, fans pay to compete for daily cash prizes based on imaginary teams composed of grids right players who collect points based on how the players perform in real games. This has enabled fans to spend money on the games with a frequency that critics say is similar to sports betting.

Schneiderman order does not apply to the season-long fantasy sports games.

For the latest to the fast-growing, multi-billion dollar daily fantasy sports industry threatened. The two companies have to ask the subject of congress and a ban in Nevada after hundreds of millions of dollars on television advertising has become in 2015.

She has since early October at the center of controversy when an employee Draft Kings won $ 350,000 from a $ 25 subscription in an American football game on the competitor FanDuel site. The two companies then banned their employees to play out, but began the local and federal authorities to determine whether the fantasy sites offer games of chance, which is essentially gambling.

Schneiderman said she was illegally against in violation of state law gambling because customers “is clearly placing bets on events beyond their control or influence.”

big-time Backers

Draft Kings and FanDuel are private companies with valuations in excess of one billion dollars.

High-profile investors poured money into both this year.

Draft Kings raised $ 300 million from investors including Fox Sports, Major League Baseball, the National Hockey League, the Madison Square Garden Company, the Raine Group and Wellington Management. Around the same time, FanDuel raised $ 275 million from investors such as private equity firm KKR & amp; amp; Co LP, Google Capital and the enterprise arm of Time Warner Inc. and Comcast Corp.

Draft Kings and FanDuel both hired former New York prosecutor for advice and research honed by regulators and law enforcement agencies.

FanDuelâ ???? s lawyer, Sharon Cohen Levin, formerly the head of the money laundering and seizure unity gain at the US Attorneyâ ??? ? s Office for the Southern District of New York. She was not immediately available for comment. Avi Weitzman, who represents Draft Kings, seven years in the same office. Weitzman declined to comment.

Both companies have hired lobbyists in Washington.

FanDuel hired Steptoe & amp; amp; Johnson and spend $ 20,000 on lobbying, the company said in its first lobbying disclosure filed in late October.

Draft Kings hired Morgan, Lewis and Bockius and reported spending $ 10,000 for the quarter, the company said in its filing lobbying disclosure.

(Additional reporting by Suzanne Barlyn in New York and Diane Bartz in Washington)

Icahn refuses to drop proxy fight option: WSJ


Icahn refuses to drop proxy fight option: WSJ

billionaire investor Carl Icahn refused the option of a proxy fight to force Dell Inc. to a large dividend to remove, despite the request of the committee of the Board that his threats to leave a start formal offer for the company, the Wall Street Journal.

Icahn asked the Special Committee of the Board to reimburse the costs of due diligence on Dell, an advantage that the committee has already given to rival bidders Silver Lake Partners and Blackstone Group LP.

In response to Icahn on Friday, the commission said it would consider the request Icahn to the cost of its adoption costs, but only if he dropped his rights in a race proxies and threats “years of litigation.”

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Icahn said he was considering a number of options, including his earlier proposal of a dividend, this would be a proxy contest and prior offer to purchase up to 58 percent of the company. Icahn owns $ 1 billion in Dell, the No. 3 producer of personal computers.

“It does not matter how much they are willing to repay me, I will not give up the right to offer I think it will be binding on the shareholders, even if the Board is it, “Icahn told the newspaper.

Blackstone and Icahn made separately preliminary proposals by the end of March that, if completed, would be greater than the $ 24.4 billion offer to Table of founder Michael Dell and private equity Silver Lake Partners LP.

Blackstone visit the headquarters of Dell on Monday to begin a thorough analysis, a sign buyout is to run an offer, sources told Reuters on Thursday.