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Russia’s Yandex says complained to EU over Google’s Android

Moscow (Reuters) -. largest search site Russian Yandex said on Friday that it asked the European Commission to investigate Google's practices relat...


Russia's Yandex says complained to EU over Google's Android

Moscow (Reuters) -. largest search site Russian Yandex said on Friday that it asked the European Commission to investigate Google’s practices related to its Android mobile operating system in the European Union

The formal request was submitted in April 2015 and largely reflected claims the Russian company against the US software group in a Russian anti-monopoly case Yandex won

(Reporting by Maria Kiselyova; Editing by Jason Bush).

Google’s wearable Glass gadget: cool or creepy?


Google's wearable Glass gadget: cool or creepy?

Google liked to put on the intricacies of the “glass” in the mobile developer conference this week computer. four debates set However, absent from the agenda was a session on the label when using the recording gadget is that some participants were faithful everywhere -. Especially for crowded rooms bathroom

Google glass, a cross between a laptop and glasses that can both record video and surf the Internet, is now available to a privileged few, but all of the most buzz-worthy new gadgets the year. It has all the geeks trembled, but annoying everyone lawmakers to casino operators are concerned about the possibility of unexpected and privacy policy violations.

“I had a friend and we sit at the table and about 30 minutes, she said:” You know, those things scare me, “said Allen Firstenberg, a technology consultant at Google developers conference There was glass. door for about a week, but offered to remove the comfort of his table companion.

On another occasion, Firstenberg included in a room they wear his glass without realizing it.

“The majority of the day, I completely forget it’s there, “he said.

Many believe that laptops are the next big technological changes, such as smart phones have evolved from personal computers. Apple and Samsung are expected to work on other types of mobile technology.

Glass test version looks a few clear glass with a heavy plate on the right. Because it began shipping a few thousand carefully selected early adopters that approximately $ 1,500 paid for the device, it inspired a little ridiculous – <. / p> of a parody of “Saturday Night Live” on a popular blog mock-users Other industry experts take a more serious tack, highlighting the potential for abuse, because the glass can videos much less visible than record a handheld device.

Glass also won many fans. Google and some of the first users believe that the fear of privacy are exaggerated. As conventional cameras, a small light flashes to let people know when the records.

Several lens wearers to developers conference said that they whip the power in inappropriate situations, like meetings. Michael Evans, a web developer from Washington, to attend DC at the Google conference in the locker room or sports said he removed his glass when he went to the cinema, even if the device is not suitable for recording a long movie.

“I thought I would not be the first man driven film,” he.


an electronic screen size of a postage stamp mounted on the left side of a pair of eyeglass frames, can glass video, e-mail to participate, provide turn-by-turn directions and retrieve information from the Web access Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt dismissed concerns about the new world of laptops during a speech at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University in April.

“Critics have a wireless connection to a mobile phone user.

Google inevitably people who are afraid of change or do not understand that there is a change in society will be, “he said.

Schmidt acknowledged that there are some places where glass is not necessary, but he believed that the new rules of the social etiquette will merge with time. Firstenberg says it will take some time for all parties to become familiar with the new technology become

“I do not think we should go into the conversation on the assumption that the glass is bad, “he says. said.

In fact, earlier technological innovations, such as mobile phones and wireless headsets initially worried now subject to the unwritten rules of etiquette, such as not talking to a large bus and set ringing during a meeting.

However, some have decided to leave nothing to chance.

Casino Caesar operator Entertainment announced recently that the glass prohibited during the game or when in showrooms, but you can wear it on other areas. In March, Five Point Cafe Seattle made headlines for the first bar to prohibit. glass “Respect the privacy of the customers we can expect them to respect you,” said a statement on the website of coffee ©.

The California Highway Patrol said there is no law that specifically prohibits a pilot glass of port while driving in the state. But according to Officer Elon Steers, if a driver seems to be distracted by the camera, an agent can take enforcement action.


legislators begin to consider glass.

Thursday, eight members of Congress sent a letter to Google CEO Larry Page, asking for more information on how to handle various privacy glass issues, especially if it is capable of face recognition.

According to Google, there is no facial recognition technology integrated into the device and it does not intend to do that “unless we have strong privacy protections in place.”

During one of the sessions of the conference this week – an open debate on glass – Glass Team Member responded to a question about privacy, noting that the social impact and the label were a major area of ​​focus during the development of the product, which is still a test version.

part of the glass-phobia> can clean track record of Google’s privacy come. In 2010, Google revealed that its fleet of Street View cars, which travels around the world to take panoramic photos to include Google Maps, the product also had personal information such as emails and web pages that are sent to unencrypted over wireless home networks. caught

“The fact that Google is offering the service, instead of saying Brookstone, calls questions about privacy, “said Marc Rotenberg, director of the Electronic Privacy Information Center, a privacy advocacy group, non-profit, citing the story of Google and its size in Internet advertising.

Rotenberg says that his main concern is focused on the flow of data collected by the devices – everything from audio and video data on the location of a user – go to Google data centers

Ryan Calo, at the University of Washington law. professor who specializes in privacy and technology, said that the glass is not very different from other technologies available today, or a smartphone or pens “spy” who secretly recorded audio. But the glass is on the faces of people, so it feels different.

“The face is a very intimate place a piece of technology is disturbing,” said Calo. “Like a drone is disturbing, because we have some ideas of war.”

all sadness, early adopters are sold.

Ryan Warner, who recently graduated from college and has an application recipe glass developed by Evans, said he was surprised by the response that he, when he went into bar.

“I was like, â €? I do not know if I should do it or not. “I was a bit at this stage,” he said, “and the bouncer was like, â € ~ Oh, my God, is that Google glass?” He was excited. “