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Iran nuclear deal hits milestone aimed at sanctions relief

The transaction has formally effect Sunday, opening the way for Iran to make major changes to an underground nuclear facility, a heavy water reacto...


The transaction has formally effect Sunday, opening the way for Iran to make major changes to an underground nuclear facility, a heavy water reactor and an area for uranium enrichment. The changes will not happen immediately, and Iran’s nuclear program will be curtailed for relief from sanctions.

“These steps will allow us to achieve our objectives outlined over the course of almost reaches two years of tough, principled diplomacy,” President Barack Obama said in a statement.

“I have full confidence in the extraordinary benefits to our national security and the peace and security of the world” out to the agreement in place.

Senior administration officials said Saturday they understand in the best interest of Iran to work quickly, but it’s just afraid that the job well done. She insisted that none will be relief from the sanctions until the UN International Atomic Energy Agency has verified Iranian compliance with the provisions of the agreement. She said Iran’s work will undoubtedly take more than two months Iran has projected.

The administration officials on a conference call with reporters, but under the condition that they not be identified by name.

As part of the nuclear agreement, Barack Obama on Sunday issued provisional release and a memorandum American mission agencies to lay the groundwork for the softening of sanctions against Iran.

In Iran, Ali Akbar Velayati, a top adviser Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the state TV “. On implementation, all overseen must Westerners, especially Americans, to keep their promises”

Velayati said Iran expects the United States and other Western countries negotiating the transaction will be their “good will” appointed by the lifting of sanctions.

atom overhanging head of Iran Ali Akbar Salehi, told state television that Tehran was ready to begin taking steps to meet, waiting an order from the president Hassan Rouhani. “We are hopeful to begin in the current or next week,” he said.

The IAEA said Sunday that Iran has agreed to a greater control of its commitment to make the transaction, which go beyond the basic monitoring by the safeguards agreement with IAEA Member States the Agency. For example, it can briefly mention inspections of locations may suspect the IAEA of black core activities.

Even if the terms of the agreement start to take effect, the recent developments show the wide gap between the US and Iran on other issues.

fighters from Iran is working in cooperation with Russia in Syria, and a Revolutionary Court sentenced a Washington Post reporter who was held more than a year on charges of spying among others. The court did not provide details about the verdict or sentence. Moreover, detained two other Americans, and the US has asked for help from the Government of Iran finding a former FBI agent who lost in 2007 while working for the CIA on an approved intelligence mission.

Also, Iran successfully test-fired a long-range guided ballistic surface-to-surface missile.

“The Obama administration’s belief that this nuclear agreement may usher in a new era of partnership is a reading completely wrong,” a critic of the transaction, Rep. Ed Royce, chairman of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs. Royce, R-California., Said the administration “is looking more naive through the day.”

But US officials claim that this action would be worse if they are backed by a nation with a nuclear weapon. Officials have stressed that the seven-nation pact focused exclusively on resolving the nuclear issue.

The steps taken by the US comes 90 days after the UN Security Council endorsed the deal.


Associated Press writers Nasser Karimi in Tehran, Iran, and George Jahn in Vienna contributed to this report.

‘Veronica Mars’ film’s online fundraiser hits goal


LOS ANGELES (AP) รข?? “Veronica Mars” fans just bought himself a big screen version of the cult favorite TV series.

crowd-sourcing website Kickstarter campaign to raise $ 2 million for the project has achieved its goal in less than a day.

“Veronica Mars,” starring Kristen Bell as Detective young, his third season run in 2007. With the help of Bell, series creator Rob Thomas began Wednesday in the search for a big screen version.

More than 33,000 people have pledged $ 2.1 million as of Wednesday evening, the total still.


not available, Thomas promised: “The more money we raise, the cooler movie what we can do.”

The film is the fastest projects not yet reached 1 million on Kickstarter, hit in 4 hours and 24 minutes. This is also the film’s most funded project or video so far, according to a spokesperson for the site. Previous collections fund films are high in terms of “The Goon” ($ 442,000) and “Charlie Kaufman Anomalisa” ($ 406,000), both lively

Thomas said. “Veronica Mars” owner Warner Bros. has his blessing to the project and cast members from Bell and others are ready to begin production this summer for a release in 2014. A spokesman said limited studio output, which means it can not thousands of screens or in any city is probably at this moment.

fundraising campaign, which was confirmed by the representative of Thomas United Talent Agency, ends April 12.

“You grouped as badgers sassy little honey and you are done this can happen,” Bell said in an online message, promising “sleuth stenosis, snarkiest” movie possible.

Bell is back on television in “House of Lies,” the Showtime series starring Don Cheadle.

She and a number of “Veronica Mars” cast members appear in a video on Kickstarter light which they reflect on the prospect of reunification.


average between 2.2 million and 2.5 million viewers during the two years of the existence of the now defunct UPN and final season on the CW network. these modest figures are overshadowed by the intense devotion fan who kept alive dreams of a movie.

Backers are eligible for all kinds of goodies, ranging from a PDF copy script must be submitted on the day of the film (for a $ 10 bet) for naming rights to a character (for $ 8,000). An appearance in the film, available at a $ 10,000 contribution was made.

Crowdsourcing gave filmmakers a new way to raise money is still elusive. At the Academy Awards last month, the short documentary “Innocente” was the first Kickstarter-funded film to win an Oscar. He received $ 52,000 for 300 employees.


AP business writer Ryan Nakashima contributed to this report.