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Microsoft launches cloud-based blockchain platform with Brooklyn start-up

London (Reuters) - Microsoft launched a cloud-based block chain platform on Tuesday with Brooklyn-based start-up ConsensYs, which allows financial ...


Microsoft launches cloud-based blockchain platform with Brooklyn start-up

London (Reuters) – Microsoft launched a cloud-based block chain platform on Tuesday with Brooklyn-based start-up ConsensYs, which allows financial institutions to easily and cheaply experiment with the technology underlying Bitcoin.

The block chain functions as a large, decentralized ledger of every Bitcoin transaction, which is verified and shared through a global computer network and therefore is virtually toddler vrye.

The financial sector continues to invest in technology deployment will reduce the cost and increase efficiency

Block Chain technology is not limited to Bitcoin -. It can be used to secure and ratify the exchange of data. And other companies are now building their own block chains which provide additional functionality to the original Bitcoin one.

One such company is Ethereum, which has built a fully programmable block chain. Technology giant Microsoft is to use it for the block chain platform launched on Tuesday.

The platform will be available to banks and insurance companies that are already using cloud-based blue platform from Microsoft. Microsoft said four major international financial institutions have already signed up for the service.

“Working with our customers who wanted to start dabbling with block chain technology, the major sore point that we kept hearing from them was that it was just too hard to start, and too expensive,” director of Microsoft technology strategy for financial services, Marley Gray, told Reuters on the sidelines of Ethereum se “Devcon” conference in London.

Gray describes the platform as providing a “failed fast, not cheap” model for companies: they can experiment with the cloud-based technology using templates provided by Microsoft without having to build their own systems

Gray said the technology would companies to their own private block chains, or so-called “smart contracts” to carry out the terms of an agreement automatically, in 20 minutes, even with no prior experience creating.

The Seattle-based company, under Chief Executive Satya Nadella, is the shift of focus to cloud services such as slow demand for the Windows operating system. Last month it was reported an 8 percent increase in its cloud business for the first quarter.

“We bet the whole place on the cloud, pretty much,” says Gray.

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Microsoft says small number of its computers hacked


Microsoft says small number of its computers hacked

Microsoft Corp said on Friday a small number of computers, including some in the Mac software business unit, were infected with malware, but there was no evidence of the affected customer data and research continues.

The world’s largest software company said the burglary security was “comparable” to those reported recently by Apple Inc. and Facebook Inc.

The incident, reported on the joint-stock company blogs happened “recently” , but Microsoft said it has not opted for a public statement when he gathered information about the attack.

“This type of cyber attack is not surprising that Microsoft and other companies who struggle with persistent and determined opponents,” said Matt Thomlinson, general manager of the Microsoft Trustworthy Computing Security in the company blog.

In the last week, Apple and Facebook said computers used by employees were attacked after visiting a website developer of software infected with malware.

The attacks come at a time of more general concern about computer security.

websites of newspapers, including The New York Times, the Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal, have recently been infiltrated. Earlier this month, U.S. President Barack Obama issued a decree seeking a better protection of critical infrastructure in the country against cyber attacks.

Microsoft made mistakes in early mobile strategy: Bill Gates


Microsoft made mistakes in early mobile strategy: Bill Gates

Microsoft Corp. Bill Gates said he was not satisfied with the pace of business innovation in recent years, and he had mismanaged its mobile strategy at the beginning.

“We have not missed mobile phones, but the way we have, we can not charge. Clearly this is a mistake,” Gates, former CEO of Microsoft, said in a rare interview with CBS.


covered questions about whether he was satisfied with the performance of CEO Steve Ballmer. Ballmer said he realized many things, but he and Steve Ballmer are not satisfied.

“(Steve Ballmer) and I are two of the most self-critical people I know,” said Mr. Gates.

“There are many great things Steve achieved leadership â € Windows 8, the surface computer, Bing, Xbox. Is it enough No, he and I are not convinced revolutionary in terms of things that we do everything we can . “

Ballmer took over as CEO of Microsoft in February 2000. The shares have fallen 45 percent since then.

Former Microsoft executive Joachim Kempin, said in a book he wrote about his time with the company that Ballmer is not the right leader for the global software company the most important, but kept her grip on him, forcing systematically increase any manager who challenged his authority.

His criticism echoes

investor David Einhorn of Greenlight Capital, who has called for Ballmer to resign in 2011.

Microsoft has been criticized for its latest version of Windows 8 for various devices, while the search engine Bing has gained only a small market share.

Yahoo CEO says Microsoft search deal underperforms


Yahoo CEO says Microsoft search deal underperforms

Yahoo Inc. CEO said Marissa Mayer’s research partnership with Microsoft Corp. company not the gain in market share to provide or increase revenue as it should.

“One of the points of the alliance is that we collectively share gains rather than simply exchanging with each other,” says Mayer Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference in San Francisco on Tuesday.

In his first appearance at an investor conference since taking the reins of the struggling web portal in July, Mayer said that it is intended for a wide range of mobile applications to cut and repeated his focus to entice consumers to spend more time on Yahoo properties online, to see more money making ads.

“I’m not confused. Our biggest problem at the moment is business printing. Basically, we can develop impressions, we can see the growth happening here,” says Mayer.

Yahoo shares ended regular trading session Tuesday up 31 cents to $ 21.21.

Mayer, 37, took over after a tumultuous period when former CEO of Yahoo Scott Thompson resigned after less than 6 months to work in a controversy over his academic qualifications and in which the co-founder of Yahoo Jerry Yang has resigned from the board and to cut ties with the company.

Yahoo revenue in 2012 remained stable from year to year, about $ 5 billion, down from about $ 6.3 billion in 2010.

“We must see that the monetization works best, because we know he can, and we saw the other competitors in the space to illustrate how it can work,” says Mayer of the research agreement with Microsoft.

Yahoo and Microsoft have entered into a research partnership of 10 years in 2010, in the hope that their efforts can make a more competitive challenge to Google Inc., the search engine world No.1 to build. But partnership has not met expectations.

Google remains the dominant search engine, with a share of 66.7 per cent market share in the United States in December, almost unchanged from 66.6 percent share two years earlier, according to comScore online analytical company.

Microsoft and Yahoo had 16.3 percent equity share was 12.2 percent in December, reversing two years earlier, when Yahoo search U.S. was 16 percent and Microsoft, 12 percent of the shares.

Yahoo shares rose more than 30 percent since Mayer took over in July, reaching the highest level since 2008.

Analysts say that part of the increase was driven by significant stock buybacks, using the product of an agreement of 7.6 billion selling half of its 40 percent Chinese Internet company Alibaba Group.

Mayer said she saw the company’s relationship with Yahoo Japan, which is partly owned by Softbank as “strategic” for the company. Previously Deputy CEO, Yahoo had initiated discussions not “earn” its nearly 35 percent stake in Yahoo Japan.

Microsoft Surface Pro gets tough early reviews


Microsoft Surface Pro gets tough early reviews

American technical writers gave Microsoft Corp. Surface new tablet laptop hybrid largely negative reviews, casts a shadow over the hopes of the software group to take a bite out of iPad sales and Apple Inc. MacBook Air.

The last surface runs on an Intel Corp. and features of the operating system Windows 8 Pro, Microsoft hopes the device attractive for people who want to produce and consume material.

He also hopes to appeal to companies that want to give employees lightweight, mobile machine that easily adapt to their technology and security infrastructure.

The “Surface Pro with Windows 8,” as it is officially known, is available from Saturday. Co-Chief Windows Tami Reller said earlier this week, is an important element rows interest in Windows 8 in October, but that is not the imagination of the consumer.


surface is thicker, heavier and a few hundred dollars more than the first surface RT, which runs on an ARM processor chip designed Holdings Plc and is not compatible with older Microsoft programs.

Available in 64 and 128 gigabytes, with both Wi-Fi only connectivity, Pro surface starts at $ 899, with the exception of a $ 120 keyboard and much more. This is $ 200 more expensive than a comparable iPad and closer to the price of the laptop MacBook Air 64 GB for $ 999.

Microsoft says the device is the first to offer a complete operating system in tablet format without losing quality. Yet reviewers found the appliance uncomfortably between a tablet and a PC with many compromises.

“He ran all the software I threw at it – both the new type and the old type of office -. Quick and good “wrote Walt Mossberg at the All Things D Tech blog

” But Pro has some major disadvantages, especially as a tablet … It is too heavy and expensive, power-hungry best tablet lead, Apple iPad full size. It is also difficult to use on your lap. This is something of a tweener -. a tablet and a compromised laptop compromise “

Mossberg said surface is less than four hours to complete on its standard battery test, half of the performance of an iPad. He also expressed concern about the usable memory to 64 GB.

not so good

“The professional is definitely brighter and â?? performance “(to borrow a bit Micro Peak),” writes Mary Jo Foley of ZDNet tech blog.

But she added: “I’m still in my head that Microsoft intends to buy the Pro scratch the surface, it is not as good of a tablet, in terms of weight / battery autonomy, such as RT surface, but it is not .. both Windows 8 PCs and other devices OEM products, to settle at a lower price level to improve battery life and other specifications. “

Steve Kovach, speaking on behalf Business Insider, praised the indications on the new surface, but not the whole experience.

“The Pro surface has some impressive hardware features for such a unique form factor. This can toe-to-toe with another laptop thin and light,” he wrote.

“(But) you can not ask the Pro Surface comfortably on your lap without flop around. You can adjust the angle of the screen to adjust when it is placed on a table with the top position,” said Kovach.

“You must spend at least another $ 100 for the full laptop-like experience with a special keyboard covers to get. A 10-inch screen feels a bit small for traditional desktops.

” The cheapest model has only 23 GB of free storage so you’ll need to purchase a memory card separately, as you will certainly need more than that. “

David Pierce, wrote on the site of new technologies Verge, scored the quality of the screen, the quick start time, the USB port on the hub load and pressure sensitive stylus.

But he criticized the lack of Microsoft Office suite of applications – which must be separately purchased. – And his general awkwardness

“Even a good surface still run does not work for me, and I’ll bet she does not work for most people,” Pierce wrote.

“It’s really hard to use something other than a office, and a wide 16:9 rather severely limited its usefulness as a tablet anyway, “Pierce said.

” It’s too big, too fat and too dependent on the power cord to a tablet competitive, and it is too static to everything a laptop should do. In his quest both, the surface is not real. “