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Virtual reality seeks momentum at CES gadget gala



AP Interview: Jia Zhangke plans virtual reality romance


AP Interview: Jia Zhangke plans virtual reality romance

The director, known for films that depict China’s social changes and acts of violence, the Associated Press said the short film will be a gentle romanticism as “it takes time for people to feel comfortable” in the virtual reality.

“The speed and direction of movement can make people feel physically uncomfortable, so we start with a romantic story,” he said in an interview.

Virtual Reality Entertainment consists primarily of video games, but VR film festivals began to make films as directors at the firm tone in the new medium. This provides a much more solitary experience compared to a movie in a crowded theater.

VR requires a headset blocks out of your area and you can wander through a story in another world a ?? “Either by moving a few steps in different directions or sitting on a swivel chair and the movement of your body in order to watch a 360-degree scene.

The false environment is, however, often unrealistic, but filmmakers are still trying to figure out how to tell a story in VR.

“I am still learning about VR and try to understand it at the time, but I am very interested in this new technology that our vision leaves room from different angles, “Jia Saturday.

it also gives the public more power than they choose what to watch.

” in the past, the public could only think the world inside and outside the window, “he said.” VR deliver an audience and allow people to independently choose what we want to worry with. The audience is more important. “

” Today we can divert our attention closeup shot of a traditional movie we’ve had to look in the past, “said the 46-year-old Jia.” I think it is a brand new and valuable idea. “

Earlier Saturday, Jia at an event with Richard Pea ± a, former director of the New York Film Festival, who tells him that he feels impinged VR medium on the ability of a director to to tell a story.

Pea ± a recall VR detective short film he has seen, in which “the filmmaker wanted me to look to the left, but I wanted to look good. “

Jia said he thinks the filmmaker” is probably a bad job “and suggested that a director can actors whose movements the attention of a viewer can sit directly.

Jia rapid transformation of China investigated in his career, which includes early in underground films, documentaries and international film festival prys wenners 2006 “Still Life” and 2013 “a touch of sin.”

he has years of making underground films for sensors allowed his first film to be released in Chinese cinemas in 2004.

Jia will next month launch its own video streaming site, “Jia screen,” which he said would premiere 108 Short films from around world.

Jia, the audience at the meeting organized by Columbia Global Center in Beijing that while the current technology, and various streaming sites in China allowed to people and to download their movies, it was not seen as a result of the audience did not know what to look out of the thousands.

She platform will “act as a bridge the information to the public, instead of asking the audience to do the work yourself to spend,” he said.

Reality check: Your computer is most likely too weak to run VR headsets


Reality check: Your computer is most likely too weak to run VR headsets

Most computers do not have enough processing muscle power virtual reality headsets like the Samsung Gear VR, Nvidia warn.

If you have put your heart experienced some of the adventure promised virtual reality you may have to shell out some more money before you start your trip.

This year has been spotted as the great exodus out party for virtual reality, with several companies planning software and hardware releases that will transport goggle -wearing users to other 3D worlds. But to fully enjoy the journey, the graphics processor in your computer is going to be a lot stronger to deliver VR images – about seven times stronger than the average strength found in gamers’ computers today, according to Nvidia, the world’s greatest author of standalone graphics chips.

Only 13 million computers worldwide that kind of power in 2016, according to the Santa Clara, Calif.-based graphics chip maker. This is less than one percent of the 1.43 billion computers is expected to be in use this year, according to research firm Gartner data quoted by Bloomberg.

“From game to 3D product design, to film experiences and further, virtual reality promises the way we experience changed everyday things,” Nvidia has in an e-mail statement. “The delivery of VR is a complex challenge, especially as immersive VR requires seven times the graphics performance compared to traditional 3D programs and games.”

When confined to the field of science fiction films such as Walt Disney’s “Tron” virtual reality be expected to be a top attraction at the Consumer Electronics Show next week in Las Vegas. So far, only two headsets, Google’s board and Samsung’s Gear VR, offered to consumers

oculus Rift, Sony PlayStation VR and HTC Vive -. What all focused on high-end VR games and videos – is expected to be released this year, when the industry watcher Juniper Research expects about 3 million headsets to be sold. In 2020, Juniper expects to surpass the number of 30 million.

The lack of sufficient processing power is probably not the enthusiasm of the fans hyping dampen the devices or limit the flood of developers creating all sorts of content. Work big streaming companies Hulu and Netflix with the devices, while game makers like Microsoft, Harmonix and Sony is ready to offer games.

But the power warning appears to lower expectations for how quickly the rapture will for VR devices are marked first by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, amplifying buy last year, Facebook pushed bullion to $ 2 billion.

“It is slow growing,” he warned in September. . “If you think about the advent of computers or smartphones, the first units shipped not ship millions in their first year, but they turn out an idea and make it a reality.”

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