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Sony unveils new versions of PlayStation 4

(Reuters) - Sony Interactive Entertainment, a division of Sony Corp , on Wednesday unveiled two new versions of its PlayStation 4 console in an eff...


Sony unveils new versions of PlayStation 4

(Reuters) – Sony Interactive Entertainment, a division of Sony Corp <6758.T>, on Wednesday unveiled two new versions of its PlayStation 4 console in an effort to help Sony maintain its sales lead over Microsoft Corp. and Nintendo Co. Ltd. <7974.T>.

The PlayStation 4 Pro, which will begin November 10, higher resolution and more realistic images will be supported by using 4k resolution and higher dynamic range (HDR), said Andrew House, CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment a PlayStation event in new York City Tuesday announced the new products. The console will cost $ 399

In addition, the company has unveiled a slimmer, lighter and more energy-efficient version of its PlayStation 4 console, which will be September 15 and will cost $ 299

PlayStation Pro, whose code name is “Neo” is Sony’s virtual reality headset supports, thanks to the introduction of in October.

The PlayStation VR headset will buy in the United States on October 13 with 50 titles by the end of the year, the company said.

In addition, Sony will upgrade available that already over 40 million users of its PlayStation 4 console will enable you to upgrade to HDR, said House.

Netflix Inc. will launch a new app when the console pilot with 600 hours of 4K content, including his hit crime series “Narcos,” says House. YouTube unit, Google also plans an app for PS 4 Pro, he said.

Since the 2013 launch, Sony has more than 40 million units of the PlayStation 4 console, far surpassing Microsoft Corp Xbox One and Nintendo sold Wii

Sony said the games is now set on the biggest growth driver, helped by strong sales PS4 console, an increase of subscribers to its PlayStation network and the launch of its virtual reality headset are.

In the financial year to March 2017 Sony expects the game unit to account for 45 percent of its total operating profit.

Sony PS4 predict sales at 20 million units for the current financial year, from last year’s 17.7 million units

(Reporting by Jessica Toonkel in New York, Additional reporting by Makiko Yamazaki Tokyo, Editing by Sandra Maler).

Sony unveils new PlayStation4 console


Sony unveils new PlayStation4 console

Sony Corp. unveiled the next generation video game console called “PlayStation4” on Wednesday.

The company revealed that the new console successor to the PlayStation 3 seven years in New York.

Sony trims quarterly loss to $115 million


TOKYO (AP) â?? Sony Corp. is bad but still managed to reduce red ink for the last quarter, the Japanese electronics and entertainment is a return of a record annual losses.

Sony on Thursday reported a loss of 10.7 billion yen ($ 115 million) for the period October-December quarter compared to a loss of ¥ 158 billion a year earlier.

The company has a record loss of 457 billion yen for the year to March 2011 the TV business struggled and suffered damage to plant and supplier in northern Japan since the earthquake and tsunami in 2011.

quarterly revenue rose slightly

nearly 7 percent to 1.95 trillion yen ($ 21 billion), despite a decline in sales of gadgets such as flat screen televisions and video recorders, Blu-ray, but only because Sony an advantage of a weaker yen.

The yen weakened as a result of the expectations of the central bank’s monetary policy easing and helped Sony increase the value of sales abroad.

Sony has lost money over the last four years, since it fell behind its powerful rivals like Apple and Samsung Electronics Co. of profitability and innovation.

Kazuo Hirai, who took over as president nine months ago, promises to lead to a return to what he calls the “wow” products, such as owls, mobile devices, digital cameras and sophisticated interconnected gadgets designed to bravery Sony show.

The problem is that competitors do the same, and sometimes do more quickly and at a better price.

Sony should provide information on the PlayStation 4 video game machine later this month, but it is unclear whether video games can really save Sony.

division of Sony TV

the ninth consecutive year, the red ink.

The activity

movie performed better on the success of “Skyfall” and “Hotel Transylvania”, while the music industry has also done well with bestsellers Alicia Keys “Girl on Fire” One Direction “Take Me Home” , and Celine Dion “No Wait”, says Sony. Both divisions showed an increase in operating profit and sales.

Sony has its eking predict a return to 20 billion yen ($ 214 million) profit for the year to March. has also left unchanged its forecast of 6.6 billion yen ($ 70.6 billion) in annual sales increase of 1.6 percent over the previous year.

other Japanese electronics manufacturers have also suffered, but was helped by the weak yen.

Panasonic Corp. and Sharp Corp. are both expected huge losses for the fiscal year in March. Panasonic announced last week a profit ¥ 61.4 billion ($ 667 million) for the period October-December Friday, reversing losses in the same quarter a year earlier, while Sharp reported a small flow of red ink on a 36.7 billion yen ( $ 399 million) quarterly loss.

Sony has promised to reduce bureaucracy in the ranks of management and product development decisions. He sells his headquarters building in New York for $ 1.1 billion in a deal expected to be completed in March. He along with the Japanese medical equipment maker Olympus Corp. to develop in this lucrative field.

Sony was once a brand recognized for its innovation, creating new fields of electronics, such as Walkman, one of the first mobile devices to the moment when it became a hit in the 1980s to catch. Some analysts believe that overtaking in smartphones and flat-screen TV can be a little too late, and the company have a much more innovative if it hopes to regain its historical prestige. Also

Thursday, Fujitsu announced that 5,000 jobs, or about 3 percent of its global workforce, to cut by the end of next month, as it seeks its computer chip business and operations abroad shape. Of these redundancies will be 2,800 in Japan and 2,200 abroad, mainly in Europe. A more detailed breakdown was not immediately available.

company spokesman said Takashi Koto redundancies will be achieved through early retirement, layoffs and other methods.


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