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Robot stitches tissue by itself, a step to more automated OR

Many engineers designed as self-driving cars, Wednesday's research is part of a move to autonomous surgical robots, removing the hands of the surge...


Many engineers designed as self-driving cars, Wednesday’s research is part of a move to autonomous surgical robots, removing the hands of the surgeon certain tasks that can execute a machine in itself.

No, doctors will not let the night â ?? “They are designed to hold, plus they have to handle the rest of the operation supervision. The device is also not ready for the operation room.

However, in small-scale tests using pigs, the robot arm performed at least as well, and in some cases a little better than some competitive surgeons stitched together intestinal tissue, researchers reported in the journal Science Translational Medicine.

“the goal was not it feel replacing surgeons, “Dr. Peter CW Kim children National Health System said in Washington, a pediatric surgeon who led the project.” If you’re an intelligent application that works with a surgeon, this can improve the outcome? That’s what we did. “

If you heard about machines like the popular Da Vinci system, what you think robots already working. Not really. Today many hospitals offer robotic-assisted surgery where surgeons use the machines as tools they with the hand control, typically to operate through small openings in the body. However, robotic-assisted surgery controversial, as some studies have shown that may bring higher costs without better outcomes.

so why the pressure for the next generation of autonomous robots? Proponents believe that there are cases where precision machine se can surpass a human hand.

Wednesday project is “the first baby step toward true autonomy,” says Dr. Umamaheswar Duvvuri from the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, a head and neck surgeon and robot specialist who was not involved with a new job.

But do not expect to see doctors ever leaving all operations in numbers “a robot’s he warned .

Because it’s designed to do a specific task ?? “Put up fabric â ??” the machine is a very such as the automation trend in other sectors. robot arms do the welding and painting in the most American car assembly lines, for example. They can find inventory in warehouses. From the viewpoint of the driver many cars are now able to warn drivers when they get too close to the car in front of, or to prevent the control and the brakes applied to an accident.

â the new star system ?? “It stands for â Smart Tissue Autonomous Robot ??” works almost as a programmable machine.

Kim’s team at Sheikh Zayed Institute for Children for Children Surgical Innovation has a standard robotic arm and equipped with suture devices plus smart imaging technology to make the trace move tissue in 3-D and with an equivalent of the night vision. She added sensors to help guide every stitch and tell how tight draw.

The surgeon places fluorescent markers on. tissue that needed stitching, and the robot takes aim as doctors watch

Now the test: Can the STAR tire tube pieces of the intestinal tissue of pigs, sort of like two sides of a garden hose Each soft? tissue, surgery is difficult for machines because these tissues in place to move so easily. And stabbing in these compounds must precisely positioned even for experts to occur leaks or blockages, a challenge.

The use of pieces of pork intestine bodies outside the animals’ as well as five live but anesthetized pigs, the researchers have tested the STAR robot to open surgery, minimally invasive surgery and robotic-assisted surgery.

â some action ?? “The consistency of sutures and their ability to prevent leaks â ??” “We beat the surgeons,” says Children engineer Ryan Decker.

The star approach was not perfect. The Star has less than stabbing reposition the surgeons performing minimally invasive and robot-assisted suture. But much longer in the lives of animals, the robot and have some bonding errors while the surgeon sew handmade.

Kim, whose team has filed patents on the system, said it may accelerate the robot. He hopes to begin human trials in two or three years.

Japan government, Toyota, Nissan to step up efforts on intelligent maps: Nikkei


Japan government, Toyota, Nissan to step up efforts on intelligent maps: Nikkei

Tokyo (Reuters) – The Japanese government and an auto giant Toyota Motor Corp., Nissan Motor Co. will join in an effort to develop smart cards by 2018, the Nikkei daily said, as competition heated up technology key for autonomous management to improve.

Japanese automakers, map-up companies, and the government will have to generate standardized smart cards, with plans to integrate driving data collected by the car manufacturers, the paper said yesterday.

would not comment a Toyota spokesman, while Nissan officials could not immediately be reached for comment.

The heart mapping systems provide information on self-drive cars equipped with a street-scan sensors to measure traffic control and road conditions.

German automotive supplier Bosch Friday said it is in talks with a high-definition digital mapping company HERE, research or to take an interest.

Volkswagen’s Audi, Daimler’s Mercedes Benz, BMW and auto parts supplier Continental is also working on technology for autonomous or semi-autonomous cars.

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FCC Chairman Genachowski to step down


NEW YORK (AP) â?? The chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, Julius Genachowski, announced Friday that he resigned in the “coming weeks”, after a period of four years, mixed reviews for her and tangible progress earned in sectors which he supervises.

country’s top telecom regulator at a meeting of the staff of his decision Friday morning. His imminent departure was reported by various media Thursday.

Genachowski, 50, was appointed in 2009 and earned a median line between the wishes of the public interest and the telecommunications industry, who do not like each side.

His mandate saw broadband adoption continues and more and more high-speed Internet connection, especially on the wireless side, but consumer groups saw the approval of the acquisition of Comcast NBC as an error, while AT & T Inc. has a heavy blow when the acquisition of T-Mobile USA is blocked.

“For those of us who represent the public, Chairman Genachowski term can be described as one of missed opportunities,” says public interest group Public Knowledge. Genachowski must do more to the authority of the FCC broadband, largely unregulated over the phone, confirm and to prevent the consolidation in the industry, he said.

In an interview, Genachowski defended the FCC in 2010 that prohibits wired for Internet service providers access to websites and services to block.

“We are the first lines of Internet freedom and openness, as well as the rules work to protect. We are the innovation and investment in Internet applications and services, as well as networking and Internet infrastructure see,” said Genachowski. “I think we have an open Internet was established as a company and the social norm in the United States”

President Barack Obama, who has worked with Genachowski Harvard Law Review, said that he brought to the FCC focus ” clear innovation, help our businesses compete in a global economy and help the country to industries and jobs of tomorrow to pull. “

Rob Atkinson, president of the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation, a non-partisan think tank, the FCC Genachowski praised for its high speed National Plan? ? fore all federal impulse of the availability and adoption of broadband Internet??, and for his efforts to bring more spectrum for wireless broadband services to use.

“broadband economy of America is booming, with a record of private investment, innovation unmatched in networks, applications and peripherals, and new American leadership in the world,” Genachowski said Friday as he thanked the staff of the FCC.

Genachowski departure follows that of Republican Robert McDowell, leaving the five-member committee with a 2-1 Democratic majority until Obama appoints new president and commissioner.

Stifel Nicolaus analyst Christopher King and David Kaut said they believe the candidate pre-race for the next president Tom Wheeler, a venture capitalist and former president of two major groups of commercial, industrial wired and wireless.