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Tesla may launch in India this summer: Musk



Tesla may launch in India this summer: Musk

Google reportedly plans to release a Gear VR competitor later this year


The Google cardboard seems is only the beginning of the operating pressure of the virtual reality. A Newa Report of the Financial Times suggests that Google is planning to exempt related a larger virtual reality product TOA Samsung’s Gear VR.

Could This Be the iPhone 5S?


Could This Be the iPhone 5S?

what is next Apple iPhone surfaced online Monday.

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a Chinese website technology, the images tend to the iPhone 5S in production to show. Almost identical to the iPhone 5, the handset in the photos has a vibration motor to date (some complained that the iPhone 5 is too hard). Beyond this small difference, however, always identical to the model on the market. Apple launched the iPhone 5 in September last year.

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The Chinese site also suggested that the iPhone 6 was soon on the road. He said that 6 will have a larger screen of 4.8 inches to 5 inches sport.

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This past weekend there were rumors that the Cupertino, California-based company is also working on a smart watch. Made of curved glass, the watch with potential users text, answer and run applications of their wrists.

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