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Yahoo board in final talks on future of company

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) -. Board Yahoo Inc. board of directors on Friday in the third and final day of meetings to decide the future of one of the ...


Yahoo board in final talks on future of company

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) -. Board Yahoo Inc. board of directors on Friday in the third and final day of meetings to decide the future of one of the most prominent but troubled companies Silicon Valley

One option on the table for the nine board members or Yahoo’s core business, which Mail includes selling its sports sites, and advertising technology.

The company is also in the process of deciding whether to proceed with the spin-off of its $ 30000000000 stake in Chinese e-commerce company Alibaba Group Holdings Ltd.

SunTrust analyst Robert Peck said the board may hold on any decision due to the complexity of some of the options.

“While many investors may just fit a mid single-digit EBITDA different to the core value, we believe the value is more complicated,” he wrote, referring to earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization.

According to technology news site Re / Code, Yahoo’s board finished its meetings without a decision on Alibaba spinoff. The website said the decision, which may include strike, slowdown or proceed with the spin-off was expected by the end of the weekend, with reference to sources.

Calls to sell the core business increased last month when activist investor Starboard Value LP request relocation to potential tax penalties associated with a spin-off of Alibaba avoid.

In January, CEO Marissa Mayer announced that it plans to switch off the Alibaba game into an independent business. Yahoo said the transaction will be tax-free, but the US Internal Revenue Service has refused to confirm this.

Tax related to the spin-off can leave Yahoo shareholders on the corner amounted to $ 12 billion.

Analysts who follow the company said that private equity, media and Internet companies are potential buyers for Yahoo’s core business.

The game dates back to Alibaba 2005, when Yahoo paid $ 1 billion for a 40 percent share of the company in a transaction attributed to the US company co-founder, Jerry Yang.

In 2012, the two companies signed a deal to more than half of the game is back to Alibaba sell for $ 6.3 billion in cash and $ 800 million in preferred shares Alibaba Group.

The transaction Yahoo shareholders $ 3000000000 and the company more than $ 1 billion to support its core business. But it also has striking display the fact that the majority has the business value of Alibaba and a 35.5 percent stake in Yahoo Japan Corp.

Yahoo’s shares closed down 1.7 percent at $ 34.91 Friday.

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Yahoo in talks to buy stake in video site Dailymotion: report


Yahoo in talks to buy stake in video site Dailymotion: report

Yahoo Inc. is in talks to acquire a majority stake in Dailymotion, one of the most popular online video websites in the world, in what would be largest transaction Yahoo CEO since Marissa Mayer took the reins in July, The Wall Street Journal Tuesday.

Yahoo could buy up to 75 percent of Dailymotion, which is owned by the French company France Telecom-Orange telecommunications, the newspaper said, citing unnamed sources.


could be worth about $ 300 million, according to the report, which noted that the agreement is not imminent and may fall apart.

“We are unable to confirm or deny or comment on speculation about possible talks between Yahoo and Orange at this time,” Dailymotion director Roland Hamilton said in an e-mailed statement.

Yahoo and France Telecom-Orange has declined to comment.

France Telecom-Orange Dailymotion acquired for $ 170 million by an agreement in two phases, with the completion of the transaction, the most recent in January. Editorial Dailymotion and management operate independently from France Telecom-Orange.

Dailymotion is the number 12 ranked online video web property in the world, according to comScore research industry. Dailymotion he says has 116 million unique visitors per month and more than 2 billion video views. Google Inc., which owns YouTube, is World No. 1 video on the web, while the ownership of several websites Yahoo was 10th on the list.

transaction would Dailymotion biggest transaction since Yahoo Mayer, a former executive of Google, took over last year. Yahoo has acquired several small businesses and mobile web startups since Mayer became chief executive last year.

Yahoo to shut down seven products, including Blackberry app


Yahoo to shut down seven products, including Blackberry app
Yahoo Inc.

stops seven products, including its mobile application for BlackBerry smartphones, as the new CEO Marissa Mayer takes a page from the playbook of Google Inc. successful in eliminating mass products.

The judgments of products, including Yahoo announced on its official blog of the company on Friday, part of what the company said further efforts to evaluate and revise its range.

“The most crucial question is whether we experience is really a daily habit that still resonates with you all today,” writes Jay Rossiter, president of Yahoo executive vice president of platforms.

This announcement represents the second stop Yahoo group products Mayer, a former executive of Google, was CEO of the struggling web portal in July. ‘S so-called “spring cleaning” ads which different products are entered, have become a regular feature in Google in recent years.

Mayer reported the company lowered its lineup of mobile applications at an investor conference last month, noting that Yahoo would reduce 60-75 disparate mobile applications is currently between 12 and 15 applications easier to manage.

Yahoo said its application for BlackBerry smartphones is no longer available for download, or supported by Yahoo, April 1

Yahoo also said that on April 1, stop supporting Yahoo Avatars -. the cartoon-like characters, using digital consumers represent Web services such as Facebook and Yahoo Instant Messenger. Consumers who wish to continue to use their avatar on Yahoo online services necessary for the avatar to download, re download the information to their Yahoo custom profile.

Yahoo products

other end to Yahoo App Search, Yahoo Sports IQ, Yahoo Clues, message boards and Yahoo Site Updates Yahoo API to record.

Yahoo telecommute ban is much ado about nothing: Silicon Valley


Yahoo telecommute ban is much ado about nothing: Silicon Valley

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer prohibit telecommuting caused outrage across the country, but there were many in Silicon Valley wonder what it was.

Working at home is fairly common in the valley, but it is more – not instead of – more than 40 hours working in the office. Despite the image of the region as an area of ​​free wheel makes much of the technology that allows people to work remotely, workers in the Bay Area tend to run in the office, especially in the enterprise.

“Every idea we have is the result of more than two people sitting in a room, try riffs or a clever solution to a particular problem, think”, said Sahil Lavingia founder payments begin Gumroad. “That sort of thing you can not do on an Internet protocol.”

This is not to say that Lavingia staff should never work from home. This is exactly the opposite.

“Everyone needs a home situation makes them equally productive, or near, as if in the office,” he said. “Many people take hours before and after work and on weekends.”

new policy of Yahoo, announced in a memo on February 22 calls for “all employees work-from-home arrangements for work in the offices of Yahoo!”. The change takes effect in June.

Many are starting stages of life – free food, games rooms, flip-flops – are designed to keep people in the office. This applies to engineers, often young and male, as for other employees in groups such as marketing and sales.

and private Wi-Fi equipped buses to the airport employees from San Francisco to Google and Facebook and other companies based in Silicon Valley aim to make the trip more productive, fear that the lawyer or eliminate them completely.

The absence of rules is also a feature of the starter culture, and few companies declare a firm policy on issues such as telework. But the message is clear enough.

Apple Inc. co-founder Steve Jobs like long hours put employees in Cupertino, Calif., headquarters talk. “I saw cars in the parking lot late at night, camp beds in some companies,” he said at a press conference in 2010.

Many companies hold regular meetings where all employees are encouraged to participate. On Twitter, they are called “Tea Time” meetings, but generally companies in Silicon Valley, the term “all hands.”


content start-up Box has a hands-every Friday during lunch at his headquarters in Los Altos, California, and flows to a satellite office in San Francisco. Box also has offices in London, that a repetition serves the following week.

companies sometimes insist office workers, as evidenced during the start cracking in half Chegg manual online business, said CEO Dan Rosensweig.

“Everyone knows that one of the two, or available,” Rosensweig said. “When you’re in the race, you can not really afford not to know where someone is.”

He believes

premium Silicon Valley person collaboration between different teams the responsibility of overlapping products.

“Most businesses here are products, technology and business,” he said. “It’s not necessarily a person who has all the components of the P & L”, or profit and loss account, which means that close communication is crucial.

David Rusenko, founder Web service building Weebly, says it is simply more efficient for everyone to sit together.

“We have tried to work with designers of distance contracts, and the feedback cycle is so long,” he said. “When you sit with someone two seats away, you say,” Hey, I’m done this, you can take a look. “

teams as many as 10 back-and-forths on a day when they are physically together, contrary perhaps to work remotely, he said.

Some workers hate the premium that companies place on a physical presence, including Jeff Spirer, a veteran of mobile marketing. He recalls a job where everyone’s CEO is needed in the office, even if many employees have long commutes and would have been more productive to stay home for a few days in the week.

“It was much easier for me to work from home, I could not really do when he traveled,” Spirer said, referring to the CEO.

Old Guard of Silicon Valley, such as Hewlett -Packard Co. and Cisco Systems Inc. tend to be much more open to telecommuting.

This contrast, the new policy Yahoo to explain. It is a large adult company, but an evil, and the people inside and outside of the fact agree that they desperately shock of the all-hands needed on deck, the start-up spirit.

“It is not for the general industry working from home, it is about what is good for Yahoo! , at this time, “said a door-word Yahoo.

Yahoo CEO says Microsoft search deal underperforms


Yahoo CEO says Microsoft search deal underperforms

Yahoo Inc. CEO said Marissa Mayer’s research partnership with Microsoft Corp. company not the gain in market share to provide or increase revenue as it should.

“One of the points of the alliance is that we collectively share gains rather than simply exchanging with each other,” says Mayer Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference in San Francisco on Tuesday.

In his first appearance at an investor conference since taking the reins of the struggling web portal in July, Mayer said that it is intended for a wide range of mobile applications to cut and repeated his focus to entice consumers to spend more time on Yahoo properties online, to see more money making ads.

“I’m not confused. Our biggest problem at the moment is business printing. Basically, we can develop impressions, we can see the growth happening here,” says Mayer.

Yahoo shares ended regular trading session Tuesday up 31 cents to $ 21.21.

Mayer, 37, took over after a tumultuous period when former CEO of Yahoo Scott Thompson resigned after less than 6 months to work in a controversy over his academic qualifications and in which the co-founder of Yahoo Jerry Yang has resigned from the board and to cut ties with the company.

Yahoo revenue in 2012 remained stable from year to year, about $ 5 billion, down from about $ 6.3 billion in 2010.

“We must see that the monetization works best, because we know he can, and we saw the other competitors in the space to illustrate how it can work,” says Mayer of the research agreement with Microsoft.

Yahoo and Microsoft have entered into a research partnership of 10 years in 2010, in the hope that their efforts can make a more competitive challenge to Google Inc., the search engine world No.1 to build. But partnership has not met expectations.

Google remains the dominant search engine, with a share of 66.7 per cent market share in the United States in December, almost unchanged from 66.6 percent share two years earlier, according to comScore online analytical company.

Microsoft and Yahoo had 16.3 percent equity share was 12.2 percent in December, reversing two years earlier, when Yahoo search U.S. was 16 percent and Microsoft, 12 percent of the shares.

Yahoo shares rose more than 30 percent since Mayer took over in July, reaching the highest level since 2008.

Analysts say that part of the increase was driven by significant stock buybacks, using the product of an agreement of 7.6 billion selling half of its 40 percent Chinese Internet company Alibaba Group.

Mayer said she saw the company’s relationship with Yahoo Japan, which is partly owned by Softbank as “strategic” for the company. Previously Deputy CEO, Yahoo had initiated discussions not “earn” its nearly 35 percent stake in Yahoo Japan.